So many spy bags

  1. how do you decide which one to buy-or, which color? yikes! I saw the chocolate brown spy today and loved it! Do all the spys have the same color hardware?
  2. I'm not sure, I think so...

    The chocolate spy that I have, the hardware is both gold and silver, but they sort of blend in together
  3. My honey spy has both gold and silver hardware. I fell in love with the SPY I got the minute I saw it on the shelf!!!:nuts: :nuts:
  4. I have been perusing the spys on this site and they are gorgeous-I think I am in love
  5. Wait till you see one in person!!! You wouldn't be able to let it go!!!:heart:
  6. I agree. I have a dark choc brown one which I was going to sell now that I bought a petrol spy and ordered a silver/gold hologram one, but I feel so reluctant cos it really is beautiful and versatile.
  7. I saw the fendi spy when I was in sydney australia, but thought it was really big, that put me off and I didnt buy it! It was a HUGE mistake on my part!
  8. My hologram spy has a slightly more copper look to the hardware.
  9. The are def. much cuter IRL. My spys have gold/silver hardware also
  10. How many Spy sizes are there? I love the Hologram Spy!
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