So Many Sales Going On!!!

  1. I am goin to be fabulously broke this summer!!!!!!:P
  2. Me too!!! I want everything!! These sales are costing me a lot of money!!!
  3. Tell me about it. Past two weeks, I got two pairs of coach shoes, a pair of burberry, burberry purse and a pucci purse. I plan on going back to the coach store this weekend to see if there's anything else I like. AND I'm going shopping at Century 21 in NYC next weekend.
  4. ^^^I see that you're in jersey...did you hear about the century 21 that's opening on route 4. I've never been to one, but I'm getting excited.
  5. Where is route 4???????? I am in jersey!!
  6. you might be broke, but at least you'll be looking good broke :smile:
  7. I think its already open or at least its built. I pass it all the time the Century on Route 4.
  8. oh my gosh, I know, I have been getting the starting dates of all the sales at the major department stores- I thought I did some damage in May, but I don't even want to see my CC bill in JUNE!
  9. The Century 21 is getting ready to open, I think. Drove by last week, not open yet, at least no cars in the parking lot. It's in Paramus, where the old Macy's used to be, next to the Off Saks store.
  10. ahhhh goin to be in soo much trouble hahahahha I just got the mizi now I have my heart on the horsebit!