So many purples: Fall 08 Purple reference thread

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  1. I am SO confused about all these bags! Where did you see this, thithi? I really like the dark orchid color of this bag, and while I think the resin chain is cool, I'd rather have the silver chain like on the python stam. Thanks for your help!
  2. If you get the daydream shoulder bag, then maybe you don't "need" the Quinn ... but if you get the daydream stam, then maybe you do! :nuts:

    ETA: Also, you could just order it from Zappos, even if you're not sure ... free shipping, free returns, so at least then you'd be able to see it and compare it to the daydream shoulder bag without having to spend the $ to ship it to and from. (I :heart: Zappos!)
  3. ^Thanks for the tip! I had forgotten about their free returns. Zappos doesn't have this color yet, but maybe they will get it eventually. And hopefully with the still up at that time also.:yes:
  4. based on what everyone has seen, it seems that the daydream stams will come with both the link chain and the resin chain just like the sunburst stams were made with two different leather types. marc's all about variety and choices this season.
  5. Oh, that's right - I'm sorry. :shame: I forgot Zappos doesn't have it yet. But hopefully they will and the discount will still be working. Also, don't forget about the rebate place that starts with an "E" (for some reason, I can't post the name), or Lucky rewards when purchasing from Zappos!

    I wish Zappos would carry MJ collection bags. It would be so wonderful to be able to order & return without the hassle of dealing with department stores.
  6. He sure is! I can't believe the variety just in stams this fall.
  7. DHL just delivered the daydream stam in orchid! It arrived faster than I thought it would. :yes: And the daydream hobo is on the FedEx truck for delivery, so I'll have both today.

    First impressions of the daydream stam in orchid: This is supposed to be in the purple family?! It looks grey to me. The tag reads orchid, so I know this is the correct bag. I'm very disappointed in the color. I would never call this a purple bag. It's not a bad color - just not what I was expecting.

    There is no contrast trim on this one (like where the python is on the python stams) - it's all the same color. It appears to be made from the same leather as the python stam leather, but I'm not entirely sure of that. It is somewhat veiny, just like my beige/black python stam. The lining is a brown raincoat type of fabric.

    I'll try to post pics today after the daydream hobo arrives. I hope the color is more of a real purple on that bag.
  8. ^Sorry the color is a disappointment:sad: Hopefully you'll love the daydream hobo and that will just make for an easier decision. Looking forward to seeing pics!!
  9. ^^Aww, sorry to hear that the color wasn't as purple as we hoped for! Pursemonkey is right, maybe you will like the daydream hobo better.
  10. So FedEx just showed up with my Turnlock Teri in elderberry - I was fully prepared to just see the color in real life, try it on, and send it back...or not. I love it! It's a really dark, subtle purple shade that just looks very polished and neutral. And the leather is so smooshy!! I'm keeping this baby. Looks like I'm done shopping for awhile! (Please excuse the modeling pic as I just got done with PT and I'm totally scrubbed out.)

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  11. that's a bummer! well, you still have the hobo to look forward to and your beautiful beige python stam. many of the colors in the fall collection are pastel or very muted. if you take a look at his fall 08 runway show, there was a distinct color scheme. very different than what one normally identify as autumnal shades (burgundy, navy, olives, etc.), so the vibrant pop of colors we normally associate with mj are not showing up as much this season. i just wish the design team were better at assigning names to colors. it's very misleading! i mean, i've never seen an grey orchid.

    on the other hand, i can't wait to see your pictures!
  12. It's so pretty pursemonkey! :heart: I love that dark purple color. I am so happy to hear that you're keeping it. It looks amazing on you. Congrats!!
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    Thanks, pursemonkey, xi_captain, and tadpole! I was so surprised. I haven't looked at it in sunlight yet - I'm sure the grey probably has a purplish cast, but I definitely wouldn't call it "orchid".

    I love the color & styling of your NEW Teri, pursemonkey! It looks great on you. Congratulations on finding a "keeper"!

    Tad, LOL at the thought of a grey orchid! Let's see now: MJ needs someone to learn every minute detail about every bag and impart that information to all SAs in the company, and MJ needs someone who can name colors so that they are both accurate and appealing ... and I hereby volunteer for both jobs. And not just for the MJ employee discount, either. :P

    The daydream hobo arrived! It is soooo pretty. I love the leather, I love the biggie silver chain, I love the color, I love the closure! The only thing I'm not sure I love is the size. It's smaller than I thought it would be. However, one can pull the corners out to make it a bigger bag (a couple of inches bigger, I think) but then I'm not sure if I like the shape as well with the corners pulled out.

    I can't take any pics right now. :sad: But I'll try to do it sometime this weekend, though it's going to be hard, since I have company again.
  14. ^ it sounds lovely! ugh, you're torturing us here. ;)
  15. ^^Go hide out in the bathroom and upload some pics:P We're dying to see pics!! So glad you love it!!