So many purples: Fall 08 Purple reference thread

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  1. #31 Aug 7, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2008
    So apparently this is the true orchid Daydream stam, from luisaviaroma. If you zoom in on the luisa website, the color is tdf and actually does match the Daydream flap bags. The trim is the same lighter color of the other Daydream bags. I guess the million dollar question is, does it really come with a resin chain?
    I almost want to order one just to see and take pics!

    ETA: Except that the European price converts to over $1700 USD!!

  2. That's what I hoped I was getting, only I thought it would have the all silvertone chain. If I had the time and/or energy, I'd go back and reread the thread where iluvmybags was talking about the dark orchid stam with silver trim, but I can't even remember the name of the thread! I think that's where I got the impression that this is the bag Nordstrom has. But it doesn't appear to be.

    I wish I could order this one but $1700?! Yeesh. No way.
  3. Oh don't forget the Miss Marc...

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  4. I saw the Mercer Satchel today in NM and the official name is Antique Rose. The color seems to be a mix of the Lilac from Resort 07 and the Rose from Spring 08. It's a nice shade of purple with a slight tinge of dark pink.

    As for the Daydream Stam, the chain does come in resin. I saw that in NM as well. It's a pretty bag. I sneaked a pic of it and I posted it in the Fall 08 thread. :yes:
  5. Thanks, Wen! I need to change my siggie to Antique instead of Dusty:yes:
  6. ^ My pleasure. :cutesy:
  7. Even Miss Marc comes in purple--cute!
  8. Thanks for starting this thread roomommy! I love purple and will definitely be checking this out as new purple goodies trickle in :love:.
  9. ^ pursemonkey your picture is adorable.

    And all of these purples are soo pretty! :drool:
    I think I might need a purple bag this fall!
  10. me too! purple has always been a fave color but now i have a reason to wear it more since it's a popular color for fall.
  11. It does have the silvertone chain... looks so much better than the one shown in the stock photo.:yes:
  12. ^Well...the elderberry's not a true purple...:whistle: