So many purples: Fall 08 Purple reference thread

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  1. Zappos is the best! I wish all stores operated like they do. I hope you love it, pursemonkey! It's such a pretty color. Have you had a MbMJ bag before? They're just perfect "everyday" bags.

    ETA: (Just saw your second post) Yep! It was insane. I couldn't believe the manager didn't tell that woman to take a hike!
  2. ^^That is an amazing story. I wonder what that woman was thinking--if she was serious or just trying to be annoying.
    Makes me tempted to return a bag with a candy wrapper inside and see what the local SA's think.
    Just kidding.
    I always return stuff unused (except for trying on) with tags on and everything, so I don't know why I've gotten dirty looks before. In the end I still bought a number of things from them after the sales, so they should be happy I go there so often, right?
  3. Yes, they should be happy you go there often, and purchase often - and if they thought about it, they would be happy even when you do returns, because overall I'm sure the amount you keep is more than what you return. No guilt allowed over returning!
  4. Oh my goodness - used pantyhose is about as bad at it gets! HILARIOUS!!

    Pursemonkey - please post pics of that beautiful elderberry teri! I was sorely tempted to get one myself. I find myself wanting more MBMJ bags than collection.

    Goldenflower - holy moly! I can't imagine 5 (even though I came from a family of 5!). I have two and it's a HUGE decision to have that third or not >.< Hats off to you darlin!
  5. not really purple, tho definitely purplish: fall 2008 fushia

  6. ^^ Gosh that's lovely!
  7. Hey all - don't worry about returns so much (providing it isn't used-like the pantyhose!:wtf:) -
    A good SA realizes that cautious buyers (like me!) end up keeping more of their purchases if they're allowed to check things out at home.

    Nordies and Zappos definately has so much of my business because I do so much purchasing for my family members on-line and while I'm traveling for work, knowing I can straighten it all out via returns in the end. I can only get my husband to step in stores very rarely!
  8. Oh, I just love the purples--what I'd give for a patchwork Stam in that beautfiful purple!! I really like the new, pleated Stams, too. I know I will buy one this year (it will be my first Stam). I have no husband or boyfriend to tell me I've gone insane buying all these bags, but I can honestly say, I don't NEED anyone to tell me what I already know. Insane=Me.

    You go, Goldenflower with your 5 kids. That's awesome. Five kids AND an MJ collection, rock on, girl.

  9. YAY !Congrats!! I was checking out that bag yesterday too..
    Can't wait to hear your report on the Elderberry...
    And, I LOVE Zappos too..I think they packed my bag up for shipping last night and I ordered at 11pm EST !!! WOW ! They are great!
  10. I hope the mini Quinn will come in elderberry. That's one of my favorite MBMJ styles.
    The cranberry one is a bit bright for me.
  11. All the yummy purples are making me drool...
    I have this gorgeous purple Mui Mui bag, think I will break it out for fall.
  12. You said it! I still laugh about the expression on the manager's face when she was doing the refund. :P

    I am from a family of 5, too! I liked growing up in a big family. It is a huge decision to add to your family, or not - good luck with it! :hugs:
  13. If you're insane, then we all are ... so you're in good company! :yes:

    Thanks for your kind words about my large family - it has been (and continues to be!) a lot of fun. Even the teenage years haven't been too terribly awful!
  14. Oh my... this fall is definitely going to drain my wallet! I've got to choose wisely, that's for sure. I'm loving all these purples!!
  15. This fall my newest bag is going to be most definatley a shade of purple!!!! :rochard: