So many purples: Fall 08 Purple reference thread

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  1. just treated myself to a purple and metallic bag .. must post pics its like the black and gold one on the site just in purple and gold ... i love it
  2. roomommy- Thanks for posting your gorgeous Daydream hobo! How is the leather? Is it up to par with what we've come to expect from Marc Jacobs? I've had my eye on a few purple MJ bags, but some have been a disappointment to the poor quality of the leather. TIA!
  3. NM online accepts MC or V -- and the NMLC stores also accept MC/V --
  4. The leather is gorgeous and what attracted me to the bag, aside from the color. It's high quality--very smooth and soft (but not smooshy), a bit thinner than the soft calf, but not at all like so cool leather. I'm not into textured leather, so I really like the finish on this bag. Unfortunately the back panel of my particular bag is stiffer than the front and a bit veiny-er too, but that variation seems to be a theme this season with many of the different styles.
    The stam that I'm sending back does have the very smooth leather all the way around, so not every bag will have the variation I think. HTH!
  5. I did know that - I shop at NM online a lot - they have great sales! :tup:
  6. Inspired by Elderberry... (I'm such a dork:P)

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  7. ^Nifty.:P
    Any dorkiness is excused because of your constant lack of sleep haze.
  8. ^Yeah. I'm usually super cool. That's the ticket. ;)