So many purples: Fall 08 Purple reference thread

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  1. #1 Aug 7, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2008
    I love all the MJ purples coming out this fall, and I'm planning to get a Fall 08 purple bag, just not exactly sure what and when. I thought I'd start a thread that combines the different shades. I've pulled photos from various threads, especially IRL ones if I could find them. Thanks to all the ladies who already took the IRL shots and posted them in their threads.
    Feel free to add! My thought is that this is mostly for color reference.

    The one I'm been gushing about: dark orchid, daydream collection, shown in the hobo:

    The first one I loved, dark plum in so cool leather, shown in blake and big blake (I think the stock photo is pretty accurate for this one):

    Dark plum in stam, the type of leather is unknown:
  2. More purple stams:

    Orchid daydream (waiting for IRL pic!!):

    Mystery Luisaviaroma stam:
  3. Soft calf stam with purple trim:

    Purple quilted collection, shown in cecilia and stam:
  4. Pale lavender of the carter collection:
  5. So far I've come up with dark orchid, orchid, dark plum, quilted purple, pale lavender.
    I'm looking forward to seeing more IRL shots, as people get bags in (*cough* goldenflower *cough*;))
  6. Almost forgot the pale lavender of the Reena-type bags:
  7. Love that pale lilac quilting on the Reena! And the dark orchid Daydream hobo is just exquisite - reminds me of a Georgia O'Keefe painting for some reason. Don't forget the Mercer Satchel in Dusty Rose(?) which looks identical to lilac! It's YUMMY!!
    And MbMJ is rockin' some purple, too. Supposedly it's the color of the season!
  8. Thanks for the reminder about the mercer! I don't know how to paste from the website, since it's flash player, but if someone knows how, please add that one.

    I had also forgotten the purple from the Palais Royal line, shown here in the flat case:
  9. Great thread, LR! It's fun to see all the purples together. As soon as I get either of the bags on their way to me, I'll be posting pics. Both have been shipped and I think the hobo is supposed to be here tomorrow. Who knows with the one from Nordstrom - they use DHL and it almost always takes forever.
  10. Man, that daydream Luisaviaroma stam is OUT OF THIS WORLD cool! The daydream stams in Nordstrom has the metal chain instead of that awesome resin chain, right? I want that darn resin chain!

    The MBMJ elderberry is a flat out GORGEOUS color as well!

  11. ^Oh I forgot the MBMJ's too!
    Thanks for posting. I love that elderberry. Not a fan of the Teri though; I'll have to see if there are other elderberry styles.
  12. That's exciting--I'm looking forward to hearing what you think about the hobo.
    BTW I saw in another thread that you raised 5 children--props to you! I'm pretty crazy most of the time with just two; can't imagine 3 even.

    I kind of like your strategy of ordering and looking at the bags from home. I think all the local Nordstrom SA's think of me as that crazy MJ lady who returns at least half of what she buys (that happened during the last sale period).
    But even if I ordered something to look at it, I would probably still return at the store to save shipping, and then still suffer their quizzical (sometimes dirty--especially if I'm returning) looks.
  13. Honestly, the transition from 1 to 2 children was the hardest. Beyond that, it wasn't that much harder, at least for me. I was already doing so much that a few more children didn't really faze me!

    It's not really a strategy, this ordering in thing - I honestly don't have a choice since there aren't any stores around me! I return a LOT of what I buy too, both via mail and stuff purchased locally. Sometimes you just don't know if something will be right for you until you've got it at home, tried it on with your own stuff, etc.

    A funny retail return story: I was working at a major department store, and a woman came in holding a plastic bag and said she needed to return something. The manager looked inside, and it was a USED pair of pantyhouse - not even in the package, just in a wad at the bottom of the bag. The woman complained because she had worn them only once and they'd developed a run. The store's return policy was awfully lenient, but even so, the manager told the customer that the hosiery would have to be clean before she could accept them for a return. So ... this lunatic woman walked over to the drinking fountain just outside our department, and WASHED the pantyhose out in there! Then she brought this dripping, sodden mess back to the manager, who probably nearly bit off her lip trying not to say something nasty, and the manager issued the woman a refund. So every time you go to return something, just remember that at least you're not washing it out in the drinking fountain and expecting your money back, and hold your head high! :P
  14. I ordered the MbMJ Turnlock Teri in Elderberry last night on Zappos (with the 18% live discount, thank you very much:tup:) so I'll post pics when it arrives tomorrow. Gotta love Zappos with their free overnight shipping and free returns - if I don't absolutely LOVE it, I'll send it back. Just had to see this color IRL! Looks so deep and rich on my screen!
  15. Goldenflower, that story is so crazy!! The nerve of some people amazes me, but that takes the cake:nogood: