so many original print stellinas on ebay

  1. Has anyone else noticed the ton of original print stellinas that are on eBay these days? I picked one up the other day for 80, which I thought was a pretty good deal. Right now there are at least 3 more listed. I wonder why all this original print stuff is popping up now these days though..
  2. Yeah, is there something that we don't know about?
    An ultra-secret sample sale or something :confused1:
    But do you notice that all of them are 'sans-qee'???
    Hmmm... :hrmm:
  3. maybe there were a bunch left in a "very underground" store's stock room...and people stole the qees cause they only came with that edition? sometimes the regular white qees are missing from bags IN STORES so i wouldnt be surprised there are virtually no meomi qees left anywhere.

    and im bidding on one of those stellinas.. qee or not qee, i want one! :sweatdrop:
  4. me too! ive been dying for an original print stellina!
  5. i negotiated with a seller, bought it for 125. its funny cause now the bid appears to have been ended at 26 bucks, lmao. people will go like "no waaaaayyyyy!" but nah, i wish i had only payed 26 bucks! hehe

    sorry if it was anyone of you bidding for the same item(it was only another girl and i) and i made the best offer. i needed to have that stellinaaaa...that dreamy "sandy all over the bag" placement :yahoo: and now my brother's credit card is suffering the consecuences and my brother doesnt even know. bwahahahaha! but hes cool, he doesnt even notice or just doesnt care :roflmfao:
  6. There's a lot of original print going around, and although I really shouldn't have I grabbed a bella bella last night!
  7. There is a lot of original print. I wonder where it is all coming from right now. When I saw the stellina I got for BIN 89 I was like it has to be a fake, but it still has tags & everything, so I was like I can't pass that up...Makes you wonder if these were at that clearance sale and they were only shown to certain people or something...kind of odd
  8. Where is the seller from? It would make sense if they are from Oahu lolz.
  9. Mine is coming from HI. Is there a secret stash there that I didn't know about that was on a super low markdown?
  10. We've been talking about this Lesportsac Outlet in waikele that has or had (i'm not sure anymore) but had as of last month...alot of the bigger styles and some bella and bella bella in the original print for 30% off Hawaii prices.
  11. mine was from massachussets, and the lady didnt know the character's name was i doubt she went all the way to hawaii to get a couple of bags from a brand she hardly knows about. maybe a local store had some remaining and she grabbed em. who knows!
  12. I noticed mass. has had a lot lately... I agree tho... maybe some small mall still has bunches and bunches because people didn't know it or they were all hiding in a basement? lol
  13. Jenn my pretty friend!! lol now i have to track down a meomi qee for it, bwahahaha! nah, not really, im not attracted to it. but remember i need a foresta, so SEEK THROUGH YOUR AREA! lmao i also have my pirata/spiaggia or vacanze gioco pending... damn simone, he has created a monster!! :crybaby:

    im selling one of my kidneys on eBay and you can pre order my firstborn... :push:
  14. lol... your silly :p just think tho... in a while you'll be heading off to a new place and seeing new things and more tokidoki even more exclusive than what we have in the states!
  15. yeah... more exclusive AND expensive tokidoki...i mean, hell i will rock at university with my colorful over the edge bags, and maybe a catwalk!!...cause yeah i will get mega skinny like a milan model..why? cause i will be so broke i will be fashionably starving.. lmao.

    no fresh pasta for me..i will eat noodles from a can. IF im lucky enough. :girlsigh: