So many older Kooba styles on eBay

  1. It's hard to believe that so many hard to find older style Kooba bags are appearing on eBay. I mean just in the past few days..... Farrah, Taylor, Renee, black Lucy, jade Lucy, desert Marcelle, black Marcelle, purple Claudia, bronze Claudia, cognac Chiara. For someone like me that loves the older styles, it's just great to see. Anyone else feel the same way or am I an old fashioned bag living in the past? Soon I'll be saying "they never make them like they used to!"
  2. Can almost see you in the rocking chair there, Mini, peering over you glasses at your knitting..."Well, in my day, they could really make Kooba bags.."
  3. Oh, I totally agree, with both of you! I like the older styles much better than the new ones. Actually, there's not a single bag in the fall line that I care for, so I've been looking into other bags lately. Hopefully Kooba will redeem themselves in the spring......we'll see!
    And maggie, yes, I can see Helen sitting there, shaking her head, saying "back in the day...";)
  4. getting tired of editing your posts. . . .:sad:
  5. Yes, I see Helen, stockings rolled down to her ankles, walker in the corner. A white haired yet beautiful Granny saying 'yeppers, when I was your age they ~knew~ how to make handbags...'.

    And she continues...' and I used to have to walk uphill, both ways, to buy them, no shoes, in the deep snow...'.
  6. I have to agree with all of you! Even though I have only recently come to know and own Kooba bags, the older designs appeal to me much more than most of what they have put out for Fall 2007.
  7. I just can't believe it either ... so many Marcelles, Lucys, Claudias, Mocha Renees, Farrahs, Chiara, Kendall ... I was able to pick up several that were on my wish list plus a couple for friends who had asked if I could find them one like I had. I'm waiting for another purple Lucy like Joelle snagged or one in that gorgeous hunter green color that came out the same time as the plum. And .. the elusive black Ginger.
  8. Well howdee doo Larke - it's NOT me that posted that purple Lucy on eBay but there is one that has just been listed! Wowza! :okay: I did not know that this was a bag that was used in a movie! Yikes! :woohoo: