So many NEW authentic items??

  1. The seller is a member of my poupette hopefully she should stick to their strict guidlines.
  2. Yes new, probably authentic but passe stuff. The Hermes are highend but boring bags that cost allot of money my guess in unpopular colors that did not sell in highend boutiques.
  3. It not imposibble :smile: Since there's so many sellers will buy LE LV then sell those stuffs with higher price when LV stop produce those stuffs.
  4. I think they specialize in consignments, so basically they are selling other people stuff. So more than likely everything is authentic.
    There is a consignment shop close to wear I live and everything in there is authentic, the owner really knows his stuff and I've never spotted a fake in his store. They have plenty of LV too new and vintage. However, he's no bargain basement, prices are just a hundred or so less than retail.