SO MANY LVS, my head is spinning.

  1. I love going to the LV store there are 3 in 15 min distance from me. My problem is that when I go to the store I try things on but I just can't decide.

    I want a denim LV purse.
    I love the neo speedy but practically all my bags are ones you hold with your hands, not over the shoulder.
    Sooo now I am considering the
    Baggy PM
    or the
    Baggy GM

    what do you ladies think.....
    How much do the PM fit?
    I went with my mother, she happened to like the GM( but it looks oversized on all 5'1 of me)
    Decisions , decisions

    Thanks for your help.
    I would also love it if you ladies have these bags and can take pictures of yourselves with them so I could see how they look on someone other than me.
  2. Baggy PM
  3. Hi Minnie,

    This is my first post, having just found this site and I am excited to be here!

    My dear husband gave me the Denim Baggy PM for Christmas and I totally love it! I am also very petite at 5 foot nothing and the Baggy PM looks perfect for my size. It hangs on the shoulder much like a hobo when it is full - a little lower in the middle. I adjust the straps to wear it higher or a bit lower depending on what I'm wearing. As a matter of fact, I just used it yesterday and it was great to have a hands-free bag, especially with my 3-year old son in tow. I use a Purseket in mine to keep everything neat but if you don't carry that much stuff, the inside open pocket is adequate.

    I don't have any photos of myself carrying the bag, but I can certainly get hubby to take one and I'll post it (once I figure out how to do so!).

  4. Baggy PM.
  5. Hello Minnie,

    Wow 3 LV stores within 15 minutes? Must be a dream for me! I have a niece about your size who is 5'3 and she carries a Baggy GM. I think it looks good on her since oversized bags are all the rage right now. Good luck on your purchase!
  6. the GM is a bit longer(lenght) then the PM.....i have the pm and i am loving it every can also buy the extra shoulder strap for carrying cross your shoulder...
  7. Thanks for the post, if you are able would you mind postinga picl of you carrying your bag.

    dont you find it awkward with a purseket in that style bag ?

  8. WELCOME TO THE PURSE FORUM! Thanks for the advice. I would love to see the pics if you get a chance.
  9. I have 4 LVs within 15 mins...Harrods, Sloane Street, Bond Street and Selfridges!
  10. I prefer the shape of the PM, it's a very cute bag !
  11. well i meant to say 3 lv boutiques within 15 min i didn't count the Neimans and Saks.
  12. Baggy Pm
  13. I am so there with you minnie! I ordered a green neo speedy from elux. I love it but am thinking I need a shoulder bag. I was in LV today at Saks trying on both the baggy pm and gm. I couldn't make up my mind:wacko: I literally had one on each shoulder. I am around 5'5 and I liked both. The gm holds so much more but the pm is so cute and would be easy to just grab and run during the summer. Jill has a thread with pics of her gm you might want to check out. Decisions decisions!!!!!:blink:
  14. can you link me to the thread???
    I has one on each arm. Then I was trying it on with wedges and flats. lol
  15. which one did you choose?