So many LV's at the airport!

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  1. So I went to sunny Florida for a couple of days and decided to bring my mono speedy 25 with me. I hardly ever see LV's but at the airport today it was one after another! Luggage and handbags galor. At one point I was in the security line and there was a woman standing next to me with her speedy! Then on the plane a woman got on a few rows in front of me with her popincourt haut. Was it "Bring your LV to the airport" day today?;)
  2. LOL. PradasMeadow has a whole thread on Celebs at the airport and several of them have LV's. Ck it out in the General Forum :yes: .
  3. I always see lots of LV's at the airport. IMO it's because they're great for travelling: light and durable. I usually use my Speedy 30 for a travel handbag.
  4. Lol that's hilarious.
  5. yep....I see allllllll sorts of Lv in the airport...FAKE and REAL!
  6. Haha many fakes on the way home from countries that have them on stalls. I saw a girl with "beautiful Damier" luggage along with her falling apart cheap cases:roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  7. That is so funny because I rarely see any LV around here, but I went to Florida a few weeks ago and they were EVERYWHERE!!!!!!
  8. :O when i flew to london in september the ONLY LV piece i saw in the airport was my own!
    Damn i must be missing out lol!
  9. Hmm lets see, I've seen a Manhattan PM at the N.O. airport and a FAKE (eww) Keepall at the Miami Airport! I'm surprised I didn't see more!
  10. I saw a ton of wanna-be bags (look like LV from afar but once you get close up the logos were different) at Laguardia today. No other bags though - strange because it was NYC.
  11. lol. 'Tis why I love flying... I mainly see Keepalls and handbags.
  12. You took the words right from my mouth. I am a frequent traveler for business and personal and I always see LV's both real and fake.
  13. when i was at the atlanta airport on my way to Fort Lauderdale to get on my cruise last summer, i seen a couple with fake luggage. It was funny, they each had a pegase, the woman also had a keepall and fake kate spade bag. jeesh.
  14. awesome, i love seening people carring LV. love to see all the different styles out there.
  15. I do consulting work at JFK and Newark airports - - so many LVs among the jet-set.
    Old LVs, New Lvs, Speedys, Suhalis - it is so great!
    I wouldn't know a fake, except for the Sac Chiens that I see. (Probably because some people want to transport their dogs but do not like that price tag of the real LV item)
    I love it - it's like a whole fashion show in front of me.