So many great choices, what's a girl to do?

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  1. Has this ever happen to anyone? I'm currently bidding on a City and then "pop" '05 Rouge Theatre City, an '06 Origan City, a Marine City, and an Ocean City all come up the next day! :confused1: I love the colors and wish I could buy them all because the prices are just too good to pass up but the cc can only take so much of a beating!:sad:
  2. what colour does your heart so desire at this moment in time?

    There must be one you favour most as your ultimate? Go with that one - the others will come up again
  3. Go for what you have been dreaming of while they are available!!! Good Luck~ such hard decisions!!!!
  4. ^^^ I agree with ZAC... go with what your heart desires/dreaming of for a while... I too would like the origan city at the moment (esp at that price!) but there are a couple that comes before it on my list you see... good luck!
  5. all the time!!!! well, it used to happen all the time, then i learned my eBay lesson - don't get desperate! because the minute you "settle" on something is the same time that what you really want will come up - right after you spent your money! it's worth it to hold out for what you love :yes:

  6. So:true:. It's happened to me twice already and I've learned my lesson.