So many Goaches, so little time

  1. Just a little share.

    When working in a mall during the busy-ness of the holidays, you see so many people. Today, in my line alone, I saw 23 GOACHES. I also saw a co-worker with one and a friend at church with one. I was screaming inside each time I saw a new one!

    Finally, at the end of my shift, and customer comes up with her gorgeous Large Leather Carly in Camel. I went gaga over it, probably more so because of the insane amount of fakes!
  2. This made me laugh out loud. One of my good friends has a Goach and a matching plastic Goach wallet. She thinks nothing of it because it was a gift from another friend. But I always chuckle when I see it.
  3. ^ The LV in your sig is gorgeous!

    I hate seeing Goaches, they drive me crazy.I always see them at the mall and it some of the time I will notice the people staring at my purse which kind of freaks me out. I also notice a ton Of LS or LP instead of LV purses, they all just look so awful.
  4. ug, goaches are on a rampage and invasion at my school...its just tacky in my opinion
  5. When I was at the mall the other day, I was thinking that Goaches outnumber the Coaches......sad!
  6. Two girls that I work with carry them. The one has some REALLY bad, tacky ones...the other girl has the ones that are still fakes, but are quite as vomit-inducing. I feel so bad, but they both admit that they're fakes and aren't like super-proud...they don't flaunt them around or anything.

    The short version? YIKES!
  7. Goaches are like the most seen bags in St.Louis !! Thats all you see!
  8. i never understood this. such posing. i mean if u cant afford it, u cant afford it. get something nice and dont preptend ot b something u arent or have something u dont.
  9. '

    Thats my problem with it!
    I don't make much money, still being a student and all, so most of my purses are not designer. I save up so I can treat myself to a nice bag every once in a while, but otherwise you'll see me carrying vera bradley, fossil, or even TARGET (oh no, target, shudder). I'd MUCH rather someone know that I bought my $25 purse at target then to have someone start at my awful fugly goach!
  10. I was waiting to board a plane the other day on my way home and I saw this really classy looking lady walking around with a goach. I kinda just stared repulsed.
  11. Yes unfortunately there is a group at work who seem to pride themselves on horrific fakes...Goach is very popular and I saw a fake white Chloe paddy the other day too. ARRGGHH!

  12. ITA my cousin has a disgusting amount of fake EVERYTHING. shoes clothes bags belts you name it. she always says shes all about the fakes because she "has 2 kids and cant afford it" well its pretty obvious theyre all fake, it looks soooo tacky. its sad though with all the money shes spent on fake stuff so far she could have bought a really nice authentic item.
  13. Yes, the Goaches are out in abundance during the holiday shopping season.
  14. Oh mom has one and she just claims "I don't care, it's close enough."

    I really don't know what to tell her anymore. I explain to her that it's also basically illegal, (and she gave me crap for almost buying a phone from my friend that she THOUGHT was illegal, but it wasn't...she just assumed) and she says "well it's not that big of a deal...and phones and purses aren't the same thing"...well duh. it's the principle of the thing mom!!

    She's one of the people who gets so much fake stuff she could have gotten a really nice authentic bag by now!
  15. I don't understand this.

    I can't comprehend why someone wants something fake. I can't afford a 1500$ Chanel bag, so I don't buy it. I buy real $300 Coach bags b/c out of what I like, that's what I can afford.

    I would rather have a real $60 real Liz Claiborne bag or some other lower end brand, than something fake. If you really don't have a big fashion budget, you really can find some cute finds in Macy's or QVC of real leather bags for $30 to $70. They may not be Coach, Prada or the rest...but they are cute and they are what they are. My mom is a little old fashion and can't see spending a 100$ + dollars on herself for a bag and I am able to find her great leather bags all the time for under $100.