So Many Fakes

  1. I was just checking out (lots of reputable eBayers use their services for listing/checkout, etc.). Anyhow, they have a "wholesaler recommendation page", so I checked it out. Through it I ended up on a website selling fake Coach and lots of other fake brands. What was scary was how good the fake Coach bags were. :sad: They had very new styles, including the cotton with chocolate brown C's. I plan to contact Vendio to let them know that one of the places they link to has links to counterfeiters.
  2. The amount of fakes out there disgust me. Go ahead and report them. Its good to look out for those who don't know better.
  3. Where is this site? I can't believe they already have fakes of the Cotton Carly. >=P I don't see a recommendation page on this site..
  4. From the Vendio site:

    Then I went to from the link on the page above.

    Now, this wasn't like a regular website as I assumed. This urbanwear direct was a site that pointed you to other sites based on the category you looked at. It was weird because each time I loaded it, it would look different. When I just went to it again, it was completely different from earlier and I don't know where the links to the other sites are. It was from that website. But Vendio promotes it on their website as if it is itself a source to buy from at wholesale prices and it isn't.
  5. Here's the email I sent to Vendio:

    I'm a user here on Vendio and was looking at your Wholesale section. For the website to UrbanWearDirect, you get re-routed to a different website. Every time I clicked on the link in your webpage I got sent somewhere else. Also, when I did apparently get to their website, they didn't actually have anything for sale, just directed you to more wholesale websites. Some of the websites they directed me to sell counterfeit goods and are based in China. I would think your company wouldn't want it's reputation tarnished by having any kind of association with this type of company.
  6. ^^ ^^
    good job! i'd never have the nerve.
  7. That was a very well-written e-mail. Good job reporting them, I don't know if I would have had the nerve either.