So many fakes...what does a real Reciept look like?

Well, a lot of times, they take receipt templates from other sites (they actually sell these) so it's possible to make their own look exactly like the real elux or vuitton store ones.
LV receipts are plain-looking enough to copy. I haven't bought from a counter inside another store like Neiman's or Saks but their receipts might differ. Not sure on the latter though.
If you are able to spot a fake on Ebay even with the receipt.. then one would think you know how to spot an authentic one as well.:flowers:

I totally agree.

lillver, have you ever purchased an LV from the boutique or eLuxury? Then you should have a real one to compare with.

Fake receipts can look like the real thing - the key is to have plenty of pics of the item also along with the receipt.

I doubt that many of the ladies here would be willing to post pics of their real receipts on a public forum for anyone to view. JMHO
LV receipts have their special monogram pattern lined up in a row near the bottom (or top? or both? can't remember lol, but definitely the bottom). I've never tried photocopying my receipts, but I *think* that the monogram design would NOT appear if you do copy it. However, sometimes when the store runs out of their special LV paper, then they just use plain regular paper and tear it in 1/2 after the print job. I have 2 receipts like that, so I know that it CAN happen.