so many fake Muses around...Should I still get real?

  1. I really love love love Muse, and planning to get one, however I see here SO many girls proudly carrying fakes:yucky: (both Muse and Rive Gauche, which I'm crazy about too). I want to get the real bag, certainly, but this puts me off so much. I mean people here are not so much fashion forward, so majority would think I carry a fake, while the rest (I'm sure) would tell me it's crazy to spend so much money on a real one if you can get a nice fake. I so do not know what to do.:shrugs: What do you guys think?
  2. There are fakes in all countries but I would never ever carry one. You will know that yours is real & that is all that matters
  3. Get one! You will know it's real, and people who knows fashion will know that it's real, and that's really all that matters. That other people are so tasteless that they wear fake shouldn't have an impact on what you buy or not. :flowers:
  4. Please dont consider a fake! It is illegal. Think of it this way if you designed something and many people stole your design and made money off of your ideas how would you feel ? Get the real deal and you will feel great knowing you bought a fabulous bag with excelent quality.As for the women in your town where i live people here have purse parties and I see so many fakes . They have the money to purchase the real deal but get a K/O instead . Good luck and who cares if someone thinks your bag is fake if thats all they care about then there opinion is worthless.
  5. Get real one. You know yours is real and you will feel proud of carrying it.
  6. Aside from the fact that it's illegal and they're crappy looking and they contribute towards the exploitation of the labor of children, even if you didn't care about any of those things, the colors of the fakes do not in my opinion even look real. I saw a red one on the way into work today and it really looked awful--nothing like the red one in Bergdorf's, believe me. I think that if someone doesn't want to spend the money for a real Muse, for whatever reason, there are many bags out now with a similar shape that are not trying to pretend they are actual Muses and that are, in fact, of better quality than the fakes, even if they are not YSL quality.
  7. Aside from the illegal aspects, the fakes are unbelieveably tacky and despite what people may want to think, you CAN tell the difference. Many look very plastic-y and ugly. Buy a real one. You'll be happy you did.

    I also have to say that it must depend on where you live. I haven't found that the Muse is overdone here at all.
  8. You'll know it's fake...
    It's just like having a plastic surgery of your face totally.
  9. Buy the real one. Don't carry a fake handbag.
  10. ugh. i can see your point b/c ever since i saw urban outfitter's version of must it kinda turned me off? because i really loved it but then i look at the UO version and the real one and the UO really looks like crap.

    i never encourage people to buy fakes/inspired

    so i'm a bit bias.
  11. If you want a Muse don't get a fake, as its no longer a Muse. For the most part you can tell a fake. Half of the fun of the bag is going and pursaching it, you can't do that with a faux, its all about the rush hahaha. Good luck in your decision.
  12. Do not buy a philosophy is if I can't afford the real thing...then I don't need it....(i.e. an Hermes Birkin) I would love to have one ...but, I am out of my league with a $20,000 husband would flip if I bought a $20,000 handbag...he thinks $1500 is rediculous to spend....what he doesn't know ...doesn't hurt, I don't tell him how much my handbags cost...he knows they are nice....just not "how"!!
  13. o.k. - after rethinking my above statement ...and researching some Hermes looks as though I might purchase one...just not the $39,000 one that Martha Stewart carries....
  14. I think all good quality and classic bags will eventually be copied. Buy a bag you really like based on the good qualities it has, such as nice leather, classic style, etc. The fakes don't have such qualities, they really look fake and are very expensive sometimes. I would save up to buy that one good bag you will have and use for a very long time. Good Luck!
  15. I think the muse is definitely a classic and if you get a real one it'll last and last (minus the imperfections that comes up in this forum). the real one ages really well-- the leather and hardware-- and i think you'll carry it beautifully and with confidence. the fakes-- i considered buying fakes also but in the end, we need to just respect ourselves and the designers and laborers. have a great day and enjoy your bag!