So many decisions- please help a first-time buyer!

  1. I have been spending a wonderfully happy weekend browsing through the threads in this forum and learning all about leathers, colours and styles. But I am no closer to making a decision as I feel a bit overwhelmed!
    I would like to start saving now so that I could buy my first Birkin when it comes in after I order it. I think I'd like to buy one new at the store so if I understand correctly, the wait is about 2 years depending on whether that combination is on the floor at the time (so no wait) or in high demand? Could someone spare a few moments to guide me here?
    -Do I have to put down a deposit? And if I don't, and I cancel, will the store blacklist me?
    -I am used to LV and Balenciaga. I LOVE Balenciaga because I love the slouchiness and youthful chic, and the vibrant colours. I can't carry anything bigger than a City, or a 30 Speedy (though the 25 is better on me). So...should I be looking at a 30cm?
    -Colours: I think I'm either after a really eye-catching colour such as Cyclamen, Rouge Vif or Blue Jean, or a fab neutral. I'm torn! Definitely palladium hardware.
    -Material: reading through all the threads, I'd like to keep the bag looking young and casual so probably slouchier is better. I am not good at babying my bags so Togo or Clemence maybe? Those are the choices so far. But I am spoiled with LV and Bals because they are so lightweight- what's my best option for leather? Also, I'm in Canada- harsh climate. I need to be able to not worry about snow, rain, etc.
    -Silly question- do you girls "fear" for your bags? Like if you take them on the subway or out shopping, do you feel anxious about theft frequently?
    Sorry so long...I appreciate any help in advance!
  2. How about a blue jean togo Birkin with palladium hardware in 30? Very young and chic yet timelessly classic at the same time.
    Yes, I do fear for my bag sometimes in public places. It would be horrible if it were stolen.
  3. Stylefly,

    Are you close to a store so that you can study the colours and leathers in person?
  4. Stylefly,

    Is this bag going to be for casual, business, or a relaxed business environment?
  5. Yes, I've purchased gifts here in the Toronto store and the SAs are SUPER nice. And the manager once walked me through all of the details of a Birkin when I was concerned that someone was consigning a fake Birkin with me (which turned out to be the case)- she must have spent about 45 minutes with me and knew it wasn't for a sale. I have never been treated so well as in the Hermes store, to be honest.
    But I want to have a general idea of what to ask for so I don't seem like a total noob;) I have tried on a few bags when I went to the store with H_Addict once and they felt heavy, so I'm sure that there are options not on the floor that would be more lightweight...and I am keen to know how the whole ordering process works before I go in so I know what to expect:yes:
  6. I'm hoping all three...I would like to have one "signature' bag and that's it. From what I've been seeing and reading, a smaller Birkin would hold up very well in all three situations but I'm not sure which colour would fit the bill...I am a relaxed but feminine dresser, if that makes sense. Jeans on weekends but contemporary dresses through the week (Rachel Pally, Ella Moss, etc.)...mostly dark in the winter and lots of lighter shades in summer. Blonde with blue eyes so I thought BJ would be nice...
  7. You really just can't go wrong!! Sounds like a 30 is just right - chevre is very lightweight and good for weather but will show corner wear more quickly than say clemence or togo; what colors do you wear? Reds? Pinks? The reds are lovely - Hermes does so many different shades -- raisin is a favorite of mine but it is on the darker side; brighton blue is my other favorite...along with the reds...rose shocking is a gorgeous bright pink...(sorry not much help but just thinking out loud for you!)
  8. I'm a recent blue jean convert. I would go for Blue Jean. Blue Jean is an all year color, plus it goes with everything except maybe red. Second would be Rouge VIF but that's because I love all things red, too. The Rouge VIF may work better for professional dress than the Blue Jean. I'm in a casual office environment to which I carry my BJ picotin, if it were a little more formal I don't know if I would carry a BJ bag. Cyclamen may be a little hard to carry every day, the other ladies would have to give an opinion on that.

    If you went with a neutral I would say etoupe. There is a thread where many of the ladies posted their etoupe bags and they are all drool worthy.
  9. Yes, the Etoupe is gorgeous!
    The Blue I can choose the leather? If I wanted it slouchy but resistant to scratches and water, would I go for Clemence?
    And as for the wait time, is it the luck of the draw or can I expect to wait a year or two? I'm really keen to find out how it works if I decide in the meantime I want to change my order or cancel it...
  10. I don't know alot about the leathers. The two I have are Swift and Clemence. From what I have observed, both slouch, the clemence's slouch is mushier in a good way to me; both are water resistant, a wipe-down with a cloth after getting wet should suffice; Clemence is scratch resistant, I don't know about Swift. I also understand that Clemence is heavy. My Swift bag does seem lighter than my Clemence bag.

    I know nothing about wait times. From what I read on the forum it really is luck of the draw, depending on leather/artisan availability. Some ladies have received their bags in months while some have waited 2 years.