So many colours... Aargh

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  1. Right girls, now I have my first paddy theres no stopping me... just been on LVR website and theyve got the most adorable baby paddy's.... but it comes in (wait for it) 6 colours!!
    They are not showing all the colours yet as it's not available til september, but they are Blak, Mastik, Muscade, Rouge, Jade and Navy..... which one should I go for??? Come on experts I know you'll have great advice. Thanks fellow paddy lovers :P
  2. I just ordered the baby paddy from LVR in the black on black with the shoulder strap. It's a preorder - no word on it yet. I'll post pics when I get it.:yahoo:
  3. right now i'm in love with the orange. it's sooo beautiful :girlsigh:
  4. Yes I saw that one it looks a beauty :smile:
  5. Is the orange known as Muscade?
  6. i don't know the name :P
  7. rouge would look divine in the baby :heart:
  8. These are the leather colors pictured on the regular paddy satchels:


    This is MUSCADE

    I LOOOOVE the MUSCADE and the ROUGE :girlsigh:
  9. Ooo thanks so much for the pics sratsey! I LOVE the mastic and the muscade but should every gal own a black paddy ?

  10. I tend to favor the bolder paddy colors.
    I really think that rouge is TDF.
  11. No, orange is orange and muscade is sort of brown.
  12. i prefer black silverado than black paddy though.
  13. OMG! That baby in rouge is just TDF!!!!
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