so many choices......

  1. I'm about to add a balenciaga to my collection and have no idea whats what...
    All celebs seem to have the Motorcycle bag, but what are the sizes?
    is it better to stick to classic black, or is it a bag that needs colour.
  2. Welcome!!! It is a bag that you should go try on and see which color and style makes your heart skip a beat! I love the variety that Balenciaga offers you, and the colors are incredible! So go and have fun! You just can't go wrong!!!
  3. JAG ! does your picture have any resemblance to a bag in your own collection? Hermes are truly the ultimate bag, nothing can beat them.... am awaiting mine as a present back from Paris..... ever expanding bag collection.
    why, what else is a girl to spend her money on.

    btw, I've seen the balenciage bag, im going to stick with the motorcycle style, but in an aqua blue colour, not sure of the exact name.

    so, is balenciaga your favorite bag ???