So many bags, so little money.. What to pick?

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  1. Hi guys!!

    I need a shoulderbag in my collection, and I just can't choose.. :confused1:

    The choices are:

    -Azur totally MM

    -Saleya MM/GM in damier

    -Neverfull MM in damier

    -Neverfull GM in pink graffiti

    -Damier Geant Couguar in black

    TIA.. :smile:
  2. I would say a Neverfull, I love that kind of bags
  3. saleya mm or azur mm totally.
  4. Thanks!!

    The neverfull have been on my mind a long time.. But I do like a bag with a zipper since the weather here is very unstable.. But again the price is very good - for the damier at least.. ;)

    And I also think that the Totally is a little more fun than saleya and neverfull, they are so plain.. But it has vachetta.. Its very difficult.. ;)
  5. I would say Neverfull GM graffiti
  6. If you're thinking about it, don't miss out on the Graffiti collection - you can always use a spray protectant on the vachetta.

    But for poor weather you just can't beat damier.
  7. The problem with the Graffiti NF is that I can't afford the bag already on feb 2. I need at least a month more of saving.. And then its most likely gone.. But I just love it so much.. :love:
  8. You can always try and if you can't get it when you have the money you get a Damier Neverfull :yahoo:
  9. Thats right.. ;) But the damier NF is not even out here yet, but should be here in a few months..
  10. graffiti neverfull. its fab.... and seasonal
  11. Hejsa :smile:

    Well - you've got a tough choice to make! So many to choose from....hmmm....I know it's not on your list, but have you considered Damier Graphite? I know you like black and thought that It would go nicely with some of your other items.

    Also - I really like the Couguar. Very classic and not a bag that you see a lot on the street....

  12. Saleya! I want one too!
  13. Hey sweety!

    Ohh yes i love graphite, but the Tadao is to square and the other are a bit to masculine.. But I would love a graphite keepall, its next on my very long list.. ;)
    And yes the couguar is gorgeous, but maybe its to similar to my Gucci tote?

  14. Thanks.. Yes its a great bag, and I have loved it a long time.. ;)
  15. I know!! So fab!! But maybe a little to pink? (did I say that? :wtf:) But yes its stunning!!