So mad!!

  1. Just got the email from my aunt:

    "Hi Ginger, I went to the store and they only had one left. I checked out the purse re your instructions and noticed that the strap where it wraps around is not made very well. I imagine the other customers probably bought the other ones cause they were made better. Since I did not think the strap was up to your standard I did not purchase it. Hope that is ok. You might want to check out the one in Vancouver instead."

    And when my aunt phoned yesterday they said that they had many! :cursing: After waiting over 2 months for a red epi pochette! :rant: :mad:
  2. sorry to hear about that. i hope you'll be able to find one in vancouver in the near future. i guess it's better to not have one than to be stuck with a less-than-perfect one though.
  3. Oh, no that's too bad.
  4. I hope you locate one.
  5. was it the little hole where the leather strap threads back through itself?
    The one on mine isn't too great either.
    I wonder if they're all like that. It seems to be a strange way to manufacture it and that it would get worn out quickly.
  6. Oh, that's terrible customer service on their part (assuming that there weren't a huge rush of people in a day to buy red epi pochettes...)! Chin up and I'm sure u'll find the perfect one in the near future!
  7. I'm sure you'll find another one that will be up to your standards!!!
  8. Awwwwh...*hugz*

    I'm sure you'll find a perfect one soon:yes:
  9. Oh noes.. have you thought about asking for an azur instead ? :graucho:
  10. Yes, Azur!! :jammin:
  11. I was thinking about getting the Azur mini pochette....I'd have to see it irl first though.
  12. I only saw the Ebene mini cute! I'm sure the Azur is just as cute.
    If you really want the epi pochette, I'm sure you will find one later on! :yes:
  13. I'll probably have to wait another 2 months for one though because by the time I can get to the store, they will probably be sold out again. Edmonton got theirs later than Vancouver and they have already sold out except for one with a bad strap! :crybaby:

    I'm not sure if the mini pochette will be too small. Whats Ebene? Regular Damier?
  14. ^ Yes - ebene = regular Damier
  15. Thanks everyone! :flowers: I'm more bummed about this than I thought I would be.