so mad!!

  1. ive been calling the coach outlet for 3 weeks to see if they got the fall patchwork in yet. The first time I called she said it would be a year until they got it in. The next week I called again (because I knew it wouldnt be a year) and she said not yet and took my name. I called again tonight to ask about the key fobs they had in, and then for the heck of it asked about the patchwork. She said "We've had them in for 3 weeks, ut we only have the totes left." I was like one called me. She said she was so sorry, but said she would look in the back for a pouch. She came back on and said "Yes, we have a pouch" So they are holding it for me and hopefully I can make it out there tomorrow to pick it up. It is 129.99 with 20% off and I have a $35 gift card. So I figure I would pay around $70 for it.

    Also, can you return things you bought at the boutique at the outlet? I bought a ponytail scarf and they have it at the outlet so I hear for less than what I paid for is like a $15 difference...
  2. aww that sucks! I know the patchworks are marked down all over (Nordstrom, Dillards, Von Maur were all marked down today), so I guess the peeling python didn't go over so well! Make sure you check yours.
    Also, I believe you can return to the outlet if you have the receipt. Hope this helps!
  3. I am happy you are finally getting it even though they did not call you. I can't wait to see your pictures!
  4. That happened to me. I called about a bleecker clutch and they said they had none. I ended up finding it another outlet so I had to go to the first one I called that said there were none to do a charge send and guess what. They had one. I went the same day. They had a bunch.

    They just don't look which kinda sucks!

    Glad to hear you finally got your pouch!
  5. what is a charge send? Do you pay for it then they mail it to you? or send to that outlet? My outlet is far from me...
  6. A charge send is when you go into your outlet and if they do not have what you are looking for they can look if other outlets have the item you want. If the other outlet has the item, then your outlet charges you for the item and the other outlet that has the item ships it to you.
  7. oooo thanks!!
  8. No problem! The only reason I know is because I used to work at a Coach outlet and we did alot of them! :girlsigh:
  9. sweet...did you get any discounts for working there? Maybe I should take a career change....lmao
  10. Oh my gosh the discouts we got were amazing!!! 65% off anything that came into the store and 50% off at other stores and catalogue/online orders. I think Shoes and sunglasses were 40% off or something like that? The discouts were off the full price not the factory price though. I got into a lot of trouble with that discount! We were only alotted a certain number of bags and accessories, depending on if you were full time or part time.
  11. and you quit why???? hahhahaa thanks for the info tho...good to know!
  12. Sorry you didn't find out sooner, but I'm glad you were able to find the pouch :tup:
  13. ok, first of all, thanks to abitzberger, i am officially going to make my part-time job be a Coach outlet SA. i wonder if the discounts at the Coach stores (non-outlet) are just as good? I've been thinking of doing it for quite some time; I'll be a high school teacher come the fall & figured for the summer I could work at Coach & do weekends there too once school starts...

    ANYWAY. lol. i'm sorry to hear about the outlet, wendie. that is SERIOUSLY annoying. they've had the bags in for 3 weeks?!!? grrrr!!!! the fall patchwork pouch has been at the macy's in my mall marked down 30% for almost a week now, including 1 wallet & 1 larger wallet too (ive been thinking of getting one; i love the fall patchwork too!) if this doesn't all work out, you can always check the macys/Nordstroms by you!! :smile:

  14. the SA at macys was supposed to call me too when it got marked was still full price... :sad: