So mad right now @ ex

  1. I really need to rant right now :cursing: My exboyfriend lives in a fantasy world where he thinks he doesn't do anything wrong. I broke up with my boyfriend about 2 months ago but we still talk and see each other sometimes. But I just got off the phone with him & he's said to me I can't stop thinking of all the bad things I did to him from the time we started talking to now!!!!! This is coming from someone who is physically & emotionally abusive. Someone who hid the fact he had a girlfriend when we met. Someone who lied to me about everything. He makes me feel bad about myself when I know I'm a good person. He has done so many awful things to me I'm not really sure why I'm still talking to him. He doesn't think he did anything wrong in our relationship!! What is wrong with him?? I haven't been the best girlfriend in the world, but I have never cheated on him, even though he knows in his heart that I did. He used to go out and I would just stay at home & he would never answer his phone (because he didn't hear it) and then he would stay out till 4:30 am. I'm sorry this is so long but I really needed to let it out. It makes me sooooo mad that he doesn't think he did ANYTHING wrong!!!! There's so many more things but I don't want to get into. Am I just crazy for thinking this?
  2. Sounds like you need to change yer number and MOVE ON..hes never going to change..and you KNOW it..YES?
    Think of him like a bad virus..stay far away..and he wont infect you.

    I bet theres a great guy out there for you...just be patient and stay away from this loser.
  3. yes, he is a loser and im going to stay far away but it's always been so hard for me i keep telling myself he's a loser i can do better but it's so hard and im not really sure why :confused1:
  4. He is a abuser and lost control and somehow wants to have control over you by the things he is saying now. It's time to move on. Change you # of if you have caller ID do not take his calls. He is the one with the control problem and the more you talk to him the more you can get sucked back into his control.....Let him go and know that you deserve better.
  5. You need to let him go. some guys just love to play with a girl's head.
    he's lying to you and not respecting you.
    Don't waste your time on him anymore.
    Change your number so he won't ever call again and just let it go.
    It's for the best. you will find some great guy for you :smile: you just need to let go of this looser.
    you deserve better :heart:
  6. thanks everyone =) u guys are right on about his personality.. he is the typical double standard guy. he can get away with sleeping around etc but i can't because i would be a sl*t....

    i feel better after reading your comments... i started to think that maybe i was the problem... but now i know im not... thanks!
  7. I agree with everyone that you need to move on. He is bad news. Anyone who physically or emotionally abuses needs help and you cannot help him.
  8. Dior sweetie, you are setting yourself up for failure and heart ache by continuing to keep him in your life. I know it's difficult to walk away from a relationship but this man doesn't deserve you or any other woman for that matter.

    The fact that you mentioned that he is abusive both verbally and physically has got steam coming out of my ears. Walk away and don't look back. There is someone out there that wants to give you the love and RESPECT you deserve. This man doesn't even know the meaning of these words.

    Believe me, I know how hard it is to sever ties, but when you look back on it you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

    PM should you need any moral support :love: .
  9. The only way to escape this is to STOP talking to him!! IMMEDIATELY !! I have had this problem with my ex boyfriends, a couple of months after we broke up we still talked and all it caused is more problems! He might think he still has hope or perhaps that he has power over you since you still talk. You need to stop even though it might be hard. Its the only way out.
  10. thanks girls for the support :heart: we shared a phone plan so i shut his phone off this morning so he can't call me & i can't call him u girls are great ~!!
  11. Good. Be strong and stand your ground! ;)
  12. you have to move on...stop talking to him, cut any ties, stay away from him, do anything to help you forget about him.

    it's easier said than done but you can do it. just believe in yourself.

    goodluck and God bless you :heart:
  13. Coz you are human and it's hard for us to let go, especially of someone who was close to us, no matter how abusive they were. The important thing is to recognize he was bad and not to repeat the same pattern next time you date someone. You are a good person, you know you are, and you deserve better. Don't feel bad for yourself, you didn't make him do what he did. Cut him off and never look back, promise things will get better! :smile:
  14. Don't let him bring you down. This is what's happening now.
  15. why are you even still talking to this guy? doesn't sound like there is any kind of foundation for even a friendship here.