so mad PART TWO!!!!!!!!

  1. ugh!!! So I had my other post "so mad" about the outlet not telling me the dall patchwork was in yada yada yada...

    So I make the long drive out there by myself to get the pouch and keyfobs they are holding for me...only to find out they didnt hold the pouch!!! They held the tote!!!!

    Thank god they had more pouches! daisy keyfob was not there and neither was my star!!!!!!!! Im SOOOOOOOOOOOO maddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!! I really wanted that daisy. The SA looked everywhere and no luck...but this is what I did get:

    The keychains were $9.99 each and the patchwork was $103.99 (after the 20% off)
    Copy of DSC00044.JPG
  2. oh man what a bummer... so sorry that happened, but you got some great stuff! :tup:
  3. I am so sorry that they messed up again!!! Thank goodness they had more of the pouch! It looks wonderful by the way!
  4. I really wanted my daisy :cry:
  5. such a bummer! I'm sorry! Looks like you got some nice goodies though
  6. OH, I really like the pouch!!! Sorry about your daisy! Maybe it'll turn up before too long!

  7. i just dont want to drive out there again...dh told me to give him a hug and kiss and tell him i love him before i left because I never drive more than 15 minutes away!

  8. :sad: I went to my outlet and they didn't have the keychain i wanted either

    which daisy did you want the red and pink or the multi color?

    and I got the libra zodiac keychain, but your lucky they had a letter you wanted they never have a J or P :cursing:
  9. Well at least they had what you wanted even if they did not hold the right thing.
  10. ahh that is so annoying!!! that outlet doesn't seem very reliable; i would find another one :sad: at least you got the pouch after all; that's the biggest part of the whole trip, ya know? i hope the daisy turns up somewhere- maybe on eBay!!! or maybe call JAX & see if they have it!! :smile:
  11. no other outlet until Fall...then it will only be 15 mins away!!! woohoo!! The aisy was only $9.99 at the outlet, I dont want to pay full price if I call JAX...I have been lookinf on eBay, and for the blue patchwork one too, but im mad they dint have it for me! It was like someone elses order or something!
  12. Awww...that stinks they messed up again....some SA's.:rolleyes::tdown: The pw bag is gorgeous though and I like the charms too.