So mad my new Artsy's thread unraveled!

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  1. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468800427.403655.jpg

    I literally just got this brand new a month ago with it having medium use, but not packed to the brim. And then today I noticed the thread completely came loose!

    So upset. I now need to go to LV and see what they have to say. So disappointed with the quality on this piece.
  2. So sorry this happened. Definitely take it back to LV and have them either replace or repair it. Even with long use the thread should not have come loose like that. Good luck.
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  3. Chances are if you have only had it for a month they will offer to replace the bag out right. Either way the thread should not come loose.
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  4. Take it back, LV will make it right! It should not happen like that so quick.
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  5. Thanks ladies. I'm going on Wednesday on my next day off. I'm hoping to speak to the same SA who was nice when he sold me the purse. This was a wedding gift from my husband so I'm still upset.
  6. Don't worry about that, I know how upsetting returning the gift may be considering it holds such a significant sentimental value. Just know that if you do get a new one, it will still be just as special and have such a meaningful story behind it.

    That being said, that definitely is not normal. I've had my Artsy for 5 years and never experienced this at all. You're entitled to some type of resolution at Louis Vuitton's expense
  7. This is unacceptable.
    Please let us know how they handle this.
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  8. Things happen. Just take it to LV and they will take good care of you! :hugs:
  9. LV should fix it for you for free. Sorry this happened. ☹️
  10. OMG..I hate this quality issues more and more. For that price we pay (but I love the style LV) Sorry for you.I hope they replace it to you and you will be happy. Good luck. Please let us share, what will done. Thanks.:flowers:Not big problem, but sewn with hot needle I think.
  11. Sorry for you ;t LV is going to change your bag for sure :yes:
  12. I understand your disappointment, I'm sorry this happened to you :sad: LV will look after you, don't worry.
  13. Wanted to ask you how often you use your artsy and if you use her during the summer months? Do you shoulder carry her in summers with half sleeve tops and have you experienced any cracking on it at all? I have one and love it, use it mostly during the weekends but the cracking on the top of the bag seems to worry me....
  14. I just returned an Artsy I had received nearly 5 years ago!! They gave me a full credit for the current canvas was cracking and this wasn't my everyday bag!! They will make it right!
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  15. I Love hearing stories like this, i love my Artsy but the cracking issues have me stressed...did you wears yours with sleeveless or short sleeve tops? I am glad Louis Vuitton did right by you!! :smile:
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