SO MAD! i was 5 minutes away from..

  1. purchasing my holy grail bag on eBay, when I sign onto my computer to realize someone had JUST bought it--and i dont want to say what bag it was because that SOMEONE was from TPF! and i know this because their eBay name was the same as TPF name.
    =( ughhh i'll never come close to getting that bag again...this was a one in a million shot. K, I just needed to vent. IM SO MAD@!!!!!!!!
  2. OMG Im so sorry, its happened my times to me too, Ive not been signed in, saw a bag/accessorie that I want, gone to sign in and then buy it but its gone, so sad and once I was really mad the whole day.

    A couple of weeks ago I found a bag that was soooooooo rare on eBay, anyway I asked the seller how much postage to me and then I went back on the listing and it had been ended "no Longer available" anyway I e-mailed her again asking her to name a price for the bag because I really wanted it but she e-mailed me back and said she had sold it to another ebayer :sad:, I was so sad.

  3. That suks!!!
  4. oh thats a bummer, but at least if it went to someone else, it was a tPF member, so you know it will be loved and appreciated!
  5. Wasn't me. Sorry!

    I've never purchased a LV bag on Ebay since I got a fake 2 years ago! Luckily I got my money back and got them shut down!
  6. I cant really comment on how mad I am and why. I dont want any bad vibes towards anyone but it really made me mad, and now I cant stop thinking about it because I will NEVER come in contact with this bag again. i just kno.

  7. How can you be so sure you won't find another one? I don't think you should be that mad because really who knew you wanted it. I lost a bag in the lst 5 seconds, I was sad but got over it because I won't get anything getting mad. What style of bag was it?
  8. That sucks, but chances are you'll see it sometime again...don't worry, it will come along.
  9. No trust me, this bag was a one in a million shot to be listed on Ebay and at such the price. Your right no one knew I not mad at the person im just mad in general that I didnt get to it sooner.
  10. ~What a bummer:sad:hope you'll come across your holy grail bag in the near future. You never know-LIFE is full of surprises:shrugs:~
  11. perhaps if you told us what it is, someone here could help you find another?
  12. I'm not sure what's the big deal on telling us the style of the bag. Who's gonna get in trouble for that? We'll probably find one for you.
  13. So sorry
  14. ^^^I agree with Kimalee - you never know what a united tPF can do finding a bag! lol.. don't worry, it'll come to you!
  15. I agree, tpf is all about helping and sharing. Perhaps if you let us know what you were looking for another member could help you out. When I was searching for a LE bag about 6 months ago I got tons of great help from people here. I would give it a shot...perhaps that will be the lead that makes this bag appear for you again. Don't give up, your HG will come into sight again.