So mad at myself….lost my new 6 key holder :-(

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  1. I am so mad at myself right now. We have just sold my car so I am driving my husbands car at the moment. The roof on his car is very low and it is very tempting to lay things on the roof which is exactly what I did with my 3 week old 6 key holder yesterday while I was strapping my daughter in to her car seat. I didn't notice I'd left it on the roof because I have the car key on my Cles so I drove off to the supermarket and didn't realise until I got home that it was gone.

    I am so upset with myself, not only that my keys are gone which is a hassle but that I lost my new 6 key holder. I'm hoping someone will hand it in to the Lost and Found office where we live but I think there's a slim chance of that happening. I've driven up and down the road 4 times and walked it twice, I couldn't find it anywhere. It's been raining very heavily here so even if I find it it's probably ruined.

    I think I'll just buy myself a new one and put it down to one of life's lessons :sad::shucks:
  2. Don't blame yourself too much. Of course it's so sad to lost such a beautiful piece (and new furthermore) in a "silly" way (no offense of course, can happen to anyone !).

    BUT tell yourself that in life anything can happen. Someone can steal your bag, you can have a car accident, fire in your house, health problems... That's what I tell myself when I lose something I love. I tell myself that it's very sad but it could really be worse. And again, it can happen to anyone. We all lose something one day. That's life. So just let go, buy a new one if you can and forget about what happened. :smile:
  3. I am sorry. I can only imagine how frustrated you must be.
    These are the ups and downs of life, and thankfully this is only material. Keep us updated if you find it or if you buy a new one!

  4. So sorry this happened to you! The same thing happened to me years ago, although I didn't lose a beautiful new Cles. Hopefully someone will find it and turn it in so you could at least get your keys back.
  5. Thank you so much everyone. You are all absolutely right, it could be so much worse and it is only something material that can be replaced.

    In the realms of life this is nothing and I know that, I was just very annoyed with myself and it helped to vent where I knew people would understand.

    Thanks again :smile:
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    Last edited: Jun 12, 2016
    Oh no!! I'm so sorry to hear that aussiemel! :sad:

    I unfortunately know exactly what you mean about placing things on the roof of the car. First time it was my SCHOOL BAG in 8th grade which someone found lying on the road, contacted my school from info on the book covers and dropped it off at the school. Second time it was my iPhone, I had to drive back all the way to look for it and luckily found it right where I had started to drive away. Third time it was an iPhone again left on roof in the parking lot. I only realized that I had done this when I went back to the car after shopping!

    Some other cases of my absent mindedness were finding the TV remote in the fridge and a cake which turned out VERY salty in a birthday party!! Hope this at least made you smile.

    But I've also lost stuff and never retrieved it (including a wallet with almost 600€!) and like other members have said, really had to put my disappointment into perspective with other worse things that life could slap me with.

    Keeping fingers crossed for you, I've usually only come across Good Samaritans in DE so hopefully it will end up finding its way to you. :heart:
  7. Oh no. Sorry this happened x
  8. Aw I know how you feel! REALLY double check wherever your first turn was, or even right by your garage/driveway.. fingers crossed it will turn up for you. For sure report it to whomever you can, even at the market.. perhaps it stayed on the roof and was just sitting there while you were in the store, someone may have even taken it from there.

    But it happens to all of us! I drive a pick-up truck and last week I set my smart phone on the back on the bed's tonneau cover, to clear out the back for my kids.. drove off and got on a 55 mph road and just as luck would have it, I was glancing in my rear-view mirror at the right time to see it FLY off and hit the road and bounce about 50 times. I pulled over, and was overjoyed to see it was totally FINE only a slight paint ding off my cheapie $9 Amazon case. Which I promptly left a rave review for. :smile:
  9. Sorry to hear your story, I hope someone finds it and hands it in.
    A similar thing happened to my cousins wife, she was getting into her car after collecting their wedding rings from the jewellers, put the bag on the roof of the car and drove off!
    Luckily a very nice person found the bag and took it back to the jewellers who rang her, she hadn't even got home and missed them!!
  10. :cry:
    I was hoping you would find it.
  11. So Sorry... I can feel your pain:cry:
  12. Sorry this happened to you.
  13. So sorry. This stinks. Feel better.
  14. Oh no that is terrible so sorry. I also lost an LV accessory so I know the sting it leaves however at least it is replaceable.
  15. Ugh so sorry! Once I left expensive sunglasses on the roof of my car. I remembered pretty quickly and turned around to get them but guess what? I ran them over!