So mad at LV right now..........

  1. Over a month ago I waitlisted for the Groom items. All of them!
    Today I call and everything goes fine (this was at 11 AM)...she takes the CC, etc.
    I call back at 4 PM regarding the agenda refills and to make sure everything is being shipped out. This is what happens:

    "per LV corporate policy we cannot sell more than 3 items per person"
    OK.....I have 8 items. WTF!
    So I said fine....I'll use my hubby's card, my BIl's card and my card and ship them out.
    She says "we can only sell 3 items per HOUSEHOLD!" I can't even ship them to another address because the shipping address has to match the billing address.
    I am furious! Me and my BIL are 2 separate people who like LV and were purchasing stuff.
    I called 866 and they are going to clarify this issue for me.
    In the meantime...I am ordering my 2 pieces + 1 of my BIL's so I don't miss out. She said she was going to hold everything until I could figure out what to do.

    I need all of these!!!! Should I just call separate stores and order them? They say it's monitored at the corporate level! I don't know what to do!
    I don't want to get in trouble with LV or anything (not that they can ban me....but they could refuse to waitlist me or something).
    HELP ladies & gents!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Hmm. Did you talk to your regular SA? If not, I would.
  3. Can you buy three per week?
  4. My regular SA is not working during the week...I've only been using her for my last 3 purchases so it's not a super close relationship.
    I wonder if the manager can do anything?
  5. They're saying 3 total. But I'm already seeing people on here buying 4 at a time.
  6. :wtf: This is crazy, all I can say is to contact your SA.
  7. Yah, they can. But, if they don't have a strong rapport with you, I'm not sure they will over ride the policy. It doesn't hurt to try. Maybe give them your customer number so, they can see your purchase history.
  8.'s worth a try I guess! If not, then I guess all I can do is buy 3 now...wait for them to arrive...order another 3, etc.
    Unfortunately I've only been buying since April...and my $$ with LV itself (a lot of my pieces were old LE pieces I had to buy off ebay) isn't super substantial....but still!
  9. Don't they want your are super good for foolish indeed!!!! Maybe get a friend or another family member from a different address place the order. WTF don't they realize that you are a collector and that they are ruining your collection, what nerve (because of this I am adding another day to my self imposed shopping ban). I am sure that it will work out because they want your money. Shame on LV for not supporting Twiggers will get your items be patient girlfriend!!!
  10. This doesnt sound right. There are customers who buy literally everything as it comes out. I would talk to your store manager.
  11. Even still if it's not a substantial history I would still give the number to them so they can see that you are a repeat client.
  12. My 2 cent on this is if you have to have all those 8 LV items, and you can't get the item resolved within a reasonable amount of time, buy the three most expensive items yourself, and if you have some of the cash on hand right now, have a friend, neighbor, sister, buy it for you. Or have someone close to you buy the remaining items for you with their CC, and just pay them back when the statement comes in. Good luck, and hopefully, you wouldnt need to go this route. I guess LV makes that much to impose such rule.
  13. I agree with LTV. But really, I think it's just because they JUST came out. It's not like there's a run on these things, they have them on display in the window. So maybe wait a few days; you'll definitely get everything you want.
    They just do it so people can't just buy it all up and resell it at a high price to make a profit. If they let resellers buy it all up, then there won't be any left for those who truly want a piece. This might not be the case for you, since you DO want these pieces but it's not really their place to judge that.

    It's kind of the same thing with the new Elmo's..weird example, but they're sold out everywhere and selling on ebay for huge amounts of money; now the people who want to get them for kids and grandkids can't get them. They're sold out everywhere and they can't afford to pay hundreds of dollars for them. Like I said, weird example, but it's kind of the same. But don't worry, you WILL get everything. Maybe you can get someone at the store to talk to your regular SA and they can agree to sell more pieces to you? I'd try that.

    I'm a little peeved myself because my SA said she called and left a message last week about the Pastilles bracelet. Um no she didn't.
  14. Agreeing with Lvbabydoll that the reason why they won't sell all 8 items to you is because they are scared that you might resell it on eBay at such a high price.

    Try going into the store and seeing your SA and purchase the rest of the items with cash. However they might still not put your sales through if they place notifications on the system or see that you've already purchased 3 Groom items, I don't know :shrugs:
  15. buy from different stores lol then they wont know...unless they have a good look at what you've bought