So mad at AT&T!!!!!

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  1. My parents decided to renew our family plan this weekend. They went to the store and got three new phones, 2 regular flip phones for them and a Blackberry for me. So we come home, and my mom looks up the phones online and it turns out that their two phones they paid a total of $110 for were free online. Naturally we're pretty upset so my dad goes back to the store and talks to the manager and he said there was nothing he could do. My dad asked him what if he just cancels and then takes out a new plan online and the manager said he didn't give a crap what we did (he was really rude about it). So, my dad calls the customer service line and they also told him there was nothing they could do and we should just cancel the plan and return the phones, then take out a new plan.

    The problem is that the whole process of cancellation may take a while and I think the prices of the phones go up on the 14th. This is so ridiculous, I don't know how the store could charge a much higher price than online! This whole process is going to be so irritating because we have to delete all the info we put in our phones and then go back to using our old crappy phones for a couple of weeks. Although it was a while back, 3 years ago they honored the online price in the store we went to. I can't believe how a store could refuse to honor their online price for something like this. It's not like the price difference is a couple bucks, it's $110. Even retail stores give you price adjustments. This whole thing is such a headache. :cursing:
  2. EEEEEK!
    Can u got to a different store and see if another manager might help u?
  3. Verizon states that they won't match the online price in the store and usually they don't :sad:
  4. Something similar happened to me when I bought my new phone at Sprint recently. The sales associates never told me that there was an activation fee if you buy it in store, but it's waived if you buy it online. I called customer service, raised h*ll and threatened to cancel my contract with them. I kept pointing out that it wasn't my fault the SA failed to tell me I wouldn't be charged, had I purchased the phone online. I'm not sure it will work, but you might want to try calling customer service again and requesting to speak with a manager. Good luck! I know how frustrating it can be dealing with cell phone companies, so I hope everything works out.
  5. i have tmobile with the blackberry and they are always helpful with matching or giving me better prices I would go to them I have been very happy with them for over 5 years service great i travel all over east coast

  6. yea, i learned that the hard way which is the main reason i'm with T-mobile now. :p
  7. HMMM...It's odd that they're being so unhelpful. Did you buy this at the AT&T store?

    I recently did a contract renewal and phone upgrade at BestBuy for my AT&T family plan. I was unhappy with the quality of my new phone, so I returned it. The Bestbuy agent called AT&T and went through an hour-long process of trying to reinstate my upgrade eligibility, so that I could purchase a phone elsewhere for the discounted renewal price. After about an hour and half, the Bestbuy agent hung up and said he left a message and AT&T would process my reinstatement within 72 business hours. I checked about five days later, and it still hadn't been processed. I called 611 (AT&T CS) on my phone, and the woman offered to help me order a new phone over the phone (at the online upgrade price), but I wanted my phone right away, so she put a note on my account so that I could go to the AT&T store and buy the phone there.

    I don't know why they are telling you it'll take a couple of weeks... Also, you shouldn't have to cancel your plan, it should just be reinstatement of your upgrade eligibility since you were renewing a contract. I think they're just being buttheads. I'd go to the store and return the phones (you have 30days to return the phone for any reason) and (politely, but firmly) demand they reinstate your upgrade eligibility. Then go home and order the phones. And if the manager or any agent there continues to be rude, just go to another AT&T store. I am pretty sure you don't have to take it back to the same store you bought it from (assuming you bought it from an AT&T store).

    Also, for what it's worth, it is store policy that they don't match online prices and vice versa, however, it is also up to them to work with you. My store was willing to match the online price of my phone, so I think if you ask nicely at a different store, they'd be willing to do it for you. They also don't match prices with their phone ordering center either, but depending on the situation (upgrade issues, etc) sometimes a manager will override that.

    Good luck!
  8. ^^^ Yeh that's what makes me even more mad, that it's up to the managers to decide whether or not they want to honor the online price. I have a friend who knows a manager of an AT&T in another state and she said he told her that managers can honor the prices if they want to, but they don't do it unless they really feel like it.
  9. yeah ATT told us they were waiving hte activation fee.. but when we got the bill it was there.. ALSO... the ATT wireless website says they sent out $250 worth of rebates, but it's been 6 months and we haven't seen a penny... mom is going to call.. eventually

  10. completely agree. I don't have one bad thing to say about t-mobile. They've been great all the time. I once had a problem where i had a bunch of international calls that were made from my phone supposedly and a TON of minutes where used and I was charged extra for every extra minute I went over ( turned out it was 160 minutes over the normal amount i use every month ). Anyways I called their representatives and spoke to one and explained that i didn't use those minutes and didn't know where they came from. Well, it turned out that they charged me the wrong amount and I received the wrong bill. The representative fixed the whole thing over the phone and everything was A-okay. :tup:

    can you perhaps switch providers ? I mean that's just ridiculous that they're not willing to honor a special that is over the internet.
  11. About a month ago I wanted 3 new phones. I found the phones I wanted online. They were free online So I went into the store and I asked what their cheapest phones were and they said $89. I walked out.

    I ordered my "free" phones online. But what sucks is they claim they had a value of $399 and they charged me tax on the "value" price. So for 3 "free" phones I was charged $100 worth of tax.
  12. ^^ Man it's good to know I'm not the only one that hates AT&T. Unfortunately it's the only carrier my dad gets service from where he works, so we're stuck. I really hope we don't have to do it online because I'm away at school and only come home on weekends and can't be stuck without a phone. I'm going to give it one last shot tomorrow by calling them. I'm praying I get someone that's in a really good mood.
  13. Oh yeah, the tax thing....that's CA state law. I was pretty peeved when that happened to me, too. For your future information though, I've found that Bestbuy doesn't charge the tax on the MSRP, but CircuitCity will.
  14. U didn't mention whether or not u were getting a rebate back? If you are, you could probably get back about $100, cause normally they give back $50 per phone, depending on how recent the model is and how much u paid for it in store. So..if ure getting a rebate back, I'd just leave it. why bother to go through the aggravation?
  15. I have sprint and I think they are the worse company to deal with, after myh contract is up I will probaly skip over to t-mobile.