so mad and disapointed.

  1. :cursing: i bought a louis vuitton bag from a very reputable seller and just recieved it cause i had it on layaway . well it was supposed to be brand new. well it wasn't, it was used. and to top that off it is past 45 days so i can't file a dispute. i still want to keep the bag i just want some money back because i wouldn't have paid so much for a used bag. i can't beleve this. now i guess you can't trust anybody on eBay. ughhhhhhhhh. i emailed the seller and am waiting for a response.
  2. Since its past reporting limit you may have to keep it or if you used a credit card return the bag with insurance and signature and do a chargeback if she won't refund anything. Can you still bring up the auction on this bag? If you can print it out for proof as to how she described it.
  3. Can you post pictures so we can see?
  4. If you used a credit card then you still have that protection. But you should first contact the seller and give them the opportunity to address the problem. Hope it works out.
  5. How used is it? Does it have too much patina or any damage? Just curious.
  6. So sorry you're disappointed. Have you raised your concerns with the seller? If he/she is reputable, I'd hope they'd want you to be happy with your purchase and will work with you irrespective of Paypal deadlines . . .here's hoping.
  7. I was wondering that myself... don't know a seller that does layaway... I need one of those. But, have you contacted them to express your concerns?