So Maaaaddd!!!

  1. Okay I just got home from a LONG day, school from 8:00am to 2:30 pm then work from 4:00pm to 12:00am. Well I am all excited because my Fed Ex box came in. I open it and my white XL Heritage satchel is in it and I am in love! BUT I start to look at all the details which made me fall in love with it and I notice that the strap on the right side of the bag is a lil off in color. I figured I got it a little dirty or something so I used my leather cleaner. The strap is gray not white!!! The bag is perfect except for the gray strap! Who does that? Lol so tomorrow I am calling customer service and returning this bag. I want overnight shipment because this is so dumb! ARGH!!! I tried to take a pic of it but my flash makes it too bright. I wana cry! I wanted to use it tomorrow cuz I was so excited and now my bubble is burst! :cursing: :crybaby: :tdown:
  2. I am sooooo sorry about your bag!!! I know how it feels to be disappointed.. see my post.

    I hope you get a good bag ASAP!
  3. OMG - that sucks - I sure hope they resolve that quickly. What happened to quality control??
  4. I hate when that happens!

    I hope they expedite your package quickly!
  5. I am going to tell them to send it overnight. I don't mean to be a B**** but I spend alot of money there and this is such a waste of my time, KWIM? Whatever I just want my bag and thats it!
  6. That really stinks.

    Is it dirt or is the strap actually gray? How frustrating!
  7. Aww I'm sorry your bag made you sad.... :crybaby: Hopefully it will be replaced with something you love!!!!
  8. Here is a pic comparing the two straps (I know the lighting is bad but you can totally see the color difference like this):
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. Ditto.."What happen to quality control??" I agree... with the money we spend on these bags we expect something better than a handle being the wrong color!:cursing:

  10. I love the bag I just want a new one! Can you see the color difference? It is worse IRL because there are steaks of gray. I dunno, the leather must be dyed wrong or something.
  11. That's terrible! It's a bummer you can't carry it this weekend.
  12. I was dying to carry it! I love it but now I am afraid that the white leather will get dirty easily.
  13. I don't know what your thoughts are, but I have a white leather bag and when it gets marked up (just with daily wear and dirt) I use a baby wipe and it cleans right up!

    That's just me... ;)
  14. Ya I tried that on this bag but it has to be the color of the leather because nothing is changing, if anything it is getting darker. Back it goes!
  15. That's a cute bag, it's worth the wait for them to get it right for ya. Sorry you have to wait, though, hopefully not for long.