So Louis has 'caution' written on his vet records

  1. First of all, I found that more funny than anything, because he's not the type of cat randomly attack people, but he can get hissy and swatty if he gets touched too much. (She had to call in the receptionist to help her cut his nails.)

    At home, my dad puts on a pair of suede gloves and holds him in place while I cut the nails.

    She didn't write it and the vet that previously saw him didn't write it. We're thinking it might be when they tried to give him anesthesia before he got fixed. I remember when he was a kitten and we heard this loud yowl come from the other room. When we got him back, he was trembling and his foot smelled like rubbing alcohol. He must've had flashbacks.
  2. Too funny!
  3. Hahaha. I just saw the episode of Seinfeld whe Elaine's medical chart says she's "difficult" and she can't find a doctor to treat her. My cat was a big ol' dummy so if his head was being scratched, his butt didn't notice he was getting a shot.
  4. My cat's vet records has *WATCH* written alll over them. She hates the vet.:lol:
  5. My cat isn't crazy about the vet, but he's such a sweetheart, he tolerates it. He complains, but has never scratched me while I cut his nails. I:tender: my cat!!!!