SO list in Paris closed till September

  1. Just want to let ladies visiting the mothership in Summer know that Birkins are not produced during this time, and the SO list is CLOSED till September. They're no longer taking orders for 30cm Birkins and for the 35cm ones, the leather, color and h/w is limited.
  2. Good to know Tammy! Thank you!
  3. No problem, Jag! Just passing on information I received from my SA today.
  4. That makes sense since the whole country of France is officially on holiday during the month of August.
  5. Well, I guess there goes my 30cm Fuschia Box Calf Birkin with Violet interior and Guilloche hardware I've been dying for.....................AND my nipple-free Ostrich in Rose Shocking.


    (just when I was ready for a little color in my life........)
  6. How long do special orders take in Paris?

  7. ....Thank God!!!!!!
  8. So what happens in September, at the end of the SO hiatus?
  9. Tammy...I received the same information last week...happy to hear messages are consistent...

    Have you SO'd via email or phone before? Curious as to whether one needs to be "in person" as I have a store credit at FSH...
  10. I have 2 standing SOs in Paris, which were placed in person. The leather and color are wrong (ie. not what I want) because I could only choose from a list of available leather/hardware/color. I can change my order, but only in September. They should be ready in Jan 2008, but that is not entirely accurate. I had placed an SO in Jan for arrival in July 2007, but it was ready in March.
  11. I've never done an email or phone order before for a Birkin. I hear it must be done in person. But you can always call and check since you have a store credit.
  12. has anyone seen an amber lizard bag?
  13. Thank you for sharing the info.
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  15. hello all! sorry to ask the question again, but i am new at this and still confused about the wait list! i would really like to get on it for a togo fuschia in ostrich, so i was wondering if it were actually closed in the US forever and just for now in paris? or, can i buddy up with an SA in the US and hope for the best? thanks for input!