So Lately I've Been Looking at Luggage...

  1. I don't really travel that much, lol. But right now all I have is a super old 11-year-old huge suitcase and black carry on roller. I'd love to get some "cute" luggage though. Something functional that represents my own style. I wouldn't dare spend a lot of money on something that would be checked at an airport. This would be for carry on or in the car. I kind of like the new Dooney & Bourke crossword duffle bags. I also saw this today...what do you guys think? It's a Juicy Couture Honeymoon Travel Case. Have you seen any cool luggage lately? If so post pics!!

  2. awe i think thats adorable! but on the Juicy site they don't have measurements for it - isn't that odd? Probably an oversite... I've always been a fan of luggage but i think if i were to get any - it'd be for carryon only. I dont trust checking in expensive luggage like that...
  3. That's VERY cute! I'm kinda leery of hardcase luggage, though. I always think the corners would get scuffed or it wouldn't fit in the overhead compartment on planes. I've always wanted a really cute overnight bag or suitcase, something vintage-y, but with modern convenience.
  4. This suitcase just looks like it'd weigh alot and not be fun.
    I would go for a Tumi or Coach does have some signature suitcases at the outlet stores 40% off...which brings them down to around $300. Tumi has some great ones on sale for $260ish...!
  5. LV Eole 60, baby :smile: LOVE LOVE LOVE it. fits in small spaces plus the wheels are like a dream.