So Ladies what are you hoping will be in the sales??

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  1. This is the 24 million dollar question;). What are you hoping will come up in the sales?
    I'm hoping there will be heloise, medium or large. And also the saskia. So tell everyone what is your burning desire. Hehe.:heart:
  2. Im after a matte or patent quilted bay....or even a canelle one....or a moka would be nice!!!

    Oooh any bay will do nicely!:drool:
  3. There is a black patent on, pinch rosemary is selling:heart:

  4. I'm hoping to find a quilted bay at a great price!

  5. I did spot that one, but one of the zip(per) pulls is missing, and Im ultra fussy about my bags being perfect.;)
  6. Quilted Bay!!!!
  7. red saskia, white quilted bay, black heloise, black plexi paddy tote, patent white heloise...who am I kidding, am on a ban...
  8. no bags for me, im on a ban :cursing:
  9. Well I am totally :banned: at the moment, so nothing for me...unless the silver metallic large Heloise turned up at a steal ( which I'm pretty sure is about as likely as a little piggie flying past my bedroom window :amazed:)...but my ban might be well and truly tested if such a thing were to occur ( even though I know from bitter experience that these metallic Chloes shed their coating on a fairly regular utterly ridiculous that I should even fantasise about buying another one :nuts::upsidedown::wacko:)
  10. Well, since we are fantasizing........I'd like the Saskia in white and/or gold, the Heloise in gold, and that red number LYM posted.
  11. A wallet, hopefully a paddy wallet.....I want one sooo bad!
  12. I'd love to get a saskia in a neutral colour (for a change!)...
    I like the small small bay tote on NAP, too...
    The Ada tote is cool... but maybe not tempting enough...

    I have a Balenciaga on layaway which should be with me around June, but i am pretty certain i'll check whether the cash that i've been putting in my tin saving box could fund a Chloe bag or half of it...
  13. I'd love a couple more ediths ~ in rouge and turquoise/jade!!! I also quite fancy a quilted bay :love:
  14. just got a bbag, so i'm on a ban till that the sale season???
    i'd grab a saskia (black) or ada (it has to be a good deal on that one, it's sooo pricey and not worth IMO!)
  15. Lovely Heli in black, like Tagullah´s one...:drool::yes:, but I don´t know if I will can wait until sales...I´m dying for she :graucho:.