So ladies how do we feel about wearing Black with Monogram Canvas????

  1. sometimes yes sometimes no for me. depends on what the outfit looks like but in reality i suppose it doesnt REALLY match. just sometimes it looks good....hit or miss. like today i am wearing destroyed denim with a black tank top and a sheer black flowy top with a large white belt...its very Lindsay Lohan... and i plan on using my mono speedy 30 but i cant imagine that monogram canvas looks very good with say...a black cocktail dress (no matter how small the bag) and yet i see ppl do it all the time. How does everyone feel about this??
  2. lol. oh.
  3. I think mono canvas can be worn with black. Just my opinion.
  4. I think it goes great with black and even better with red!
  5. black is classic.
    LV monocanvas is classic.
    These two together make a sophisticated look !
  6. well you would wear a monogram....say....pochette or mini pochette with an elegant balck dress vs a black or beaded clutch?? idk...i think it looks weird
  7. I say a classic outfit witha classic purse will always work
  8. Personally, I don't always like mono with black but sometimes I don't have a choice. I don't like mono with black for formal wear, casual is fine.
  9. i agree, mono canvas goes with everything and looks great with black! :yes:
  10. I would totally wear mono with black, I think it looks fine!
  11. I wear my mono with everthing...including black. I think it looks great.
  12. I think that a mono bag will go with black, but I don't know about a Speedy with a cocktail dress.....maybe a Malesherbes or a Damier Knightsbridge would be more fitting. IMO
  13. Mono looks good with EVERYTHING,I love the way mono looks with black!.
  14. i carry my Monogram bags with black all the time. i think it goes with everything :yes:
  15. i wear my mono with black all the time too....thats why i love mono personally i think it goes with everything too!!!!
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