so ladies, how are everyones 07 bags holding up? anyone notice any big differences?

  1. hi ladies!

    so, its been a while now... and let me start by saying that i do love my 07 LE magenta city bag... but.....

    it is very very different than any other bbag i have ever owned. and i have at least one from every season... this 07 giant hardware bag is just a different animal.

    so something is different for me about these new bags.. i am not going to say that they are bad,,, dont get me wrong... not at all i do love it..... but it seems to me that my 07 bag is just more "delicate" "more prone to scratches"... i feel that i have to more careful with it than any of my other bags.. which causes me not to carry it as much as i would like to..and its not the color.. i have light older bags that just seem more durable.
    and its sort of stiff... especially the strap.. very coarse
    have any of you notices that the new bags are different somehow, even from the 06 bags??

    how are all your bags breaking in????
  2. well the only bag i've used the most from 2007 is my violet work SGH. she's breaking in very nicely. i baby all my bags but even after 3 months of use almost everyday, there's little wear on the corners. i only noticed now that the corners are just slightly lighter in color. it's def a keeper to this day i'm still in love with it. the handles are thick and very durable so the handles haven't broken in at all. still the same since the day i got her. i'm loving it!!! here's a pic. also no scratches on her. just thick distressed leather!

  3. omg fayden - that bag is unbelievable!!! Just want to put my arms around her and hug hug hug!!! I wanted this bag after I saw your pics, but since I just gotten a black GGH work, I thought two works would be too much! I ended up getting a Violet first instead to cure the craving...

    Anyway...since all my bags are '07 I have nothing to compare to, but my GGH black work is nice and thick and smooshy and going to Orlando next week with me on a trip!!! whoo hooo
  4. I have to agree... my 07 LE magenta IS prone to scratching and is more delicate than my 07 black city. But maybe it's just the color difference? Darker colors don't show every little scratch so maybe that's why? :shrugs: Mine was a little stiff but after wearing her alot she is now soft and smooshy. Bbags really like to be worn! Also, I haven't treated her with anything. Maybe conditioning the leather might prevent the scratching... again, I don't know since I've never treated my bags.
  5. Fayden.... what a gorgeous... squishy... squeezable... violet!!! love that picture of it!!

    My 2 remaining bBags are both Giant Hardware.. & both from f/w 07. I think w/ every bBag i have purchased... each one was sOOo different from each other. My Sienna leather is a lot more distressed... its thick.. but dry at the same time.. the texture on it.. is drier than my f/w 07 Mogano, which resembles smooth, thick, lightly distressed leather... if that makes sense.. both are made of Chevre. :confused1:
  6. Although I baby all my Bbags when I carry them, I load each bag quite heavily with all my necessities (Le Compagnon, phone, thick bulky worth of 2 years stuffs filofax, lunch box, 2 CPs and my stitch kit).
    Though now my LE Magenta has started to break in a bit, my filofax has left a dent and faded the colour a bit..
    I don't have this problem with my older bags...
    So I think, 07 is a little bit more fragile than others..
  7. I am having great success so far with my mogano and violet cities. I am really happy with the quality and lack of drama with these two. They are not babied at all and are holding up quite well.
  8. my only (big) complaint is that the tassels aren't holding up as well. my black day has really badly split tassels and my violet city tassels snapped after a week. :sad: i do feel like i have to baby my le magenta though, it is more prone to snapping than most! ironically, my rouge vif first is holding up better than most of my bbags!!
  9. In my personal opinion, the quality and durability of Bbags has gone down tremendously following the 05 F/W Collection. Tassels, leather, color, you name it! It never entered my mind that this would happen, and I was so excited once I had the bags from past seasons that I wanted. I was ready to spend less and be the first and original owner. My first one was an 06 Lilac First. The tassels were a mess and the leather was thin and stiff. I did not have fading or yellowing issues that I have heard about 06 Lilac, but then again, I did not have it for very long. Next came a French Blue Shoulder directly from Bal, NY, and the tassels again were a mess, and there were no extras included, and there were scratches in the leather on the back of the bag. Following that one I tried a FB Matelasse bag. The leather was super dry, and had scuffs in the leather on the bottom. It also came from Bal, NY. A 07 Violet City was next, and I knew immediately that it was going to be too dark for me, just like 04 Eggplant, so I did not have it long. However, after I sold it the buyer pointed out a lighter part in the leather one one of the handles where it attaches to the bag. I went back and looked at the photos, and it was really obvious. I wanted Violet in something smaller so I bought a Coin Purse (no problems with it), and a Make Up bag. The MakeUp bag had very spongey tassels on it, that split very quickly and the extras are a completely different color than the bag. Unfortunately, Bal does not have extras available for most (if not all) 07's in yet, so I have not been able to get tassels for it yet. I still have it and the Coin Purse, but instead of buying more new bags like I was planning on doing, I have started buying accessories from 04 and 05 instead.
    The colors coming in 08 have the potential for me to like them, since I like vibrant and girlie colors, but I am so worried that these issues are going to continue in the new bags. Here on the pf it was brought up in a thread that Balenciaga now mass produces these bags, and that is why there are so many problems. No matter the cause, it has made me really sad to be so over the moon about Balenciaga bags from 04 and 05, and to see what they can be when they are made properly and with care, and then not be able to buy new bags made the same way!
  10. My Plomb Day hobo had beautiful leather, in fact nicer than my 2005 Black First, the tassels weren't thin but they did start to split, but they were better than the ones on all the bags i saw in Selfidges Oxford Street, they were all so thin and split for a second i thought this was a new style feature of Balenciaga! I used it everyday and whilst i don't chuck my bags around, i don't baby them either (it takes the pleasure out of carrying a bag for me if i have to constantly worry about it!) and still it had very minimal wear. I had a Makeup Clutch too and the leather was TDF and no problems with the tassels although i used it as a bag within my may so it did start to scratch.

    My Violet courier i LOVE but if i'm honest i think the leather is veiny like a 2006 bag, but i've seen pics of some beautiful Violet leather posted on here. Also along the bottom the leather is lighter - not from use it was like this when it arrived from Printemps Paris i think it's from the dying process, it's along the bottom so hardly noticeable and it doesn't bother me. The tassels are fine.

    My guess is that it differs from bag to bag.
  11. I think 2007 has been the best year since 2005. All my 07's are breaking in nicely. I love how the leathers are thick, have more glaze than 05 (therefore wear a lot better) and are just as smooshy after broken in. This year I have updated my whole collection. Sold off all my 2006's (thank Goodness!) and also let go of my 05 BG Pink & Indigo bags. I know 07 has had it's share of mass production errors, but overall, I am impressed by the leathers. I have also been very lucky to feel a swatch of the SS08 collection and I must say, I think it's better than 2007. Lot's of good gear to come!
  12. I'm new to Bbags so I don't have anything to compare with, but I got 2 bbags last month - an Anthra Twiggy (chevre) and a Violet First (agneau) and the tassels are SHOCKING. I don't baby my bags but I don't treat them roughly either. Both bags' tassels have little cracks where the leather has "chipped off" and one of the tassels on my twiggy looks like it's ready to snap in half. Right now I try to unzip everything by tugging gently as close to the zipper pull as possible, instead of on the tassels, so as to minimise the "trauma" to them. I do love bbags and I'll still buy them, but I sure do miss the sturdiness of say my LV bags!
  13. moving to care and maintenance for ref....
  14. thats great! its been a funny year 07, i mean. i have two bags. the Magenta LE, which is not so nice... and a plomb steel day which is really nice, soft, no trouble at all.

    hmm... hope it gets better!
  15. Hummm, I bought a few from 07FW, but no problem so far.

    The leather from this year is quite amazing, and I've never had any of those QC issues that are talked about with any of my baggies. Thank goodness!!