So Ladies and Gents... What Do Y'all Think of SHORT SHORTS?!?

  1. Short Shorts? Very Daisy Duke I suppose but what do you really think of them? Personally I think they are gorg. with a pair of very. high heels or uggs/cowboy boots... :tup: But what do you think of them?
    Hope to be hearing from you all
  2. I am not a fan, especially with heels.
  3. I just dont like them at all!!!
  4. I don't think they really work in the real world...especially with boots or high heels. I like shorts a lot, but not the uber short ones; and they look great with flats, sandals, or wedges!
  5. i think they are more appropriate for the beach or bumming around the house-- but i feel very self-conscious when i wear it out.
  6. I love 'em. But you have to have nerves of steel and attitude galore to get away with it. Hehe I wear them once in a while but not often. And only when I am with my bf.
    Here's a pic. It's a little over the top but what's the point of living if you can't have fun!? Life is too short. I say go for it while you can.
    short shorts.jpg
  7. geez louise, la have mile-long legs!!!!
  8. i love Short Shorts!I am big fan!
  9. La Miss - you look amazing!!
    : D
  10. They're not for me. I have a small butt and they seem to make it disappear.

    I love bermuda shorts with heels.
  11. Thanks zenzen and queenOFcouture.:smile: I think short shorts are so fun.

    ZoeyZoo I love the look of bermudas on other people but I'm kinda short.
  12. Back in my day they were called "hot pants" and I didn't like them much then or now. I think the look of a longer short or even a Bermuda length is much nicer (classier).
  13. la miss, im so envy ur legs!!!!!!LOL
    u look gorgeous!
  14. If I had killer legs, then yes. But for me personally I think I would scare small children (and myself) if I ever attempted wearing those!
  15. I wear them sometimes....and I think that yes, they're fine to wear as long as youre still young. I do think though that once you get past a certain age you should wear normal height shorts more than short shorts, but I do occasinally wear them. And yes, I agree, life is short, so if you can wear them then you should.