So kelly it or leave it??

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  1. Just wondering for those of you that own the SO Kelly how you like it? Does it wear well? Easy access, etc.?? Thanks! :biggrin:
  2. Hi Bijoux - could bore you rigid about the SO, but suffice to say that if I want a hands free - this has enough structure and feels smart enough, while still feeling relatively casual (its not a Gao, Massai - more identifiably H than those, but equally as practical).

    I find the 22cm easier to retrive day-to-day necessities and security-wise (for the city dwellers among us) under the arm feels safe enough - and, unlike the less structured shoulder carryalls - doesn't bulge and morph its shape unattractively.
  3. Anybody?? TIA....I'm trying to make a decision!
  4. Thanks so much! Our posts must have crossed! The one i am considering is a 26 which is the larger one. I wish I could try it on but that is not possible. I have an Evelyne but not too keen on the big H on the front or the color I have. Just want to make sure that the shoulder strap will stay put. Other bags I have had that were shoulder bags, the straps wanted to slide off. What color do you have?
  5. Love it!!! Want another, in red 26 cm.
  6. I have the smaller SO kelly and am rather disappointed with it!:crybaby: I find it really hard to get stuff in and out of, my phone is always getting snagged on the pocket (Iphone) and my H wallet (a larger style) barely fits in there with the phone. Also, the buckle rubs under my arm. I am so sad, because it was a rather high price point for a bag that I'm not going to use as much as I thought. I think the Lindy is MUCH more versatile, easier to get into, and just as easy to carry on the shoulder.Plus the Lindy has little metal feet so you don't always have to hang the bag on a chair. Perhaps I should have gone w/the larger size...(sigh)...I may have to read up on how to sell a bag..but I'm not quite at that point yet..
  7. Thanks! I am sorry it's not working for you! I understand because I have bags like that too...cost an arm & a leg and they just sit in the box! I can't try it on so that makes me very hesitant....even though I can return it. I think I am feeling pressured to make a decision because they will go up in price on Mon....not sure how much, but anything is too much given that they are already so $$$$$! I'll probably just wait until I can actually go and try one on IRL!
  8. I have the larger SO kelly. Love love love it.
  9. Does the strap stay put on your shoulder? Also, do you have any problems with hardware closure poking you? Have any pics of you wearing her?
  10. I have tried on both of them and plan to buy a 26cm as my next bag. The 22cm felt a little "pursey" to me even though I am very petite (5 foot 2, 98lbs). I feel that the strap would stay put but I am broad shouldered and don't usually have that problem. You have to be comfortable rocking a big bag or be tall to wear the 26 I think--I am a fan of the Balenciaga Day and have birkin 35cm's and a new evelyne gm.

    Trying the two sizes of so kelly on really helped me because it was hard to tell from pictures and I tried to make mockups by size with paper but it really helps to put them on your shoulder in person. The stores will order this bag for you over the phone I think so if you order one size and it is wrong you could always return it for credit towards the other size.
  11. I used to have the 26 cm Kelly, but I sold it because I am more of an East/West girl. This So Kelly is definitely a North/South bag. I use pouches to keep my things in, and it seemed that I was having to stack them to put them in the bag. Then, I would have to unstack them all to get what I wanted (usually on the bottom).

    I will say that it is extremely comfortable to wear. I LOVED the strap. It was adjustable and I like a nice shoulder drop. Mine was in BDP, and that is one of my favorite H colors.
  12. I'm 5'4"and medium build. I carry a 32 HAC, 30 Birkin & 35 Kelly.....Do you know the measurements of the two sizes?
  13. I've always been more of an east-west girl too. I have noticed that same problem to of having to stack my Karo's in a north-south type bag. Do you have any idea how much the price increase will be?