So Kate’s

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  1. How have you made yours more comfortable?

    I scored them from Bergdorf Goodman last week for $210. I know their super painful but the deal was too good to pass up. I also got Simple Pumps for $210. Both in the nude patent.

    I don’t love the rounded simple pump toe though so they’ll be going back. I sized up a full size in the So Kate’s because I heard it makes it more comfortable.

    Ideally I would have gotten the Pigalle but they were not on sale.
  2. Wow, I am impressed that you got So Kates from bergdorfgoodman for $210!
  3. Thanks! It was such a good steal. They were on sale then an extra 20% off. Surprised the nude patent was on sale.
  4. So Kates are the most uncomfortable Louboutins I own. I tried everything from cushions/pads under the sole, behind the heel. NOTHING HELPS! I passed on the So Kates during the sale but scored two pairs of the simple pump during the BG SALE which are so comfy.
  5. oh, I totally agree.....they are sitting shoes for me......I wear a 85 or 90mm pump to where I am going and carry my So Kate’s in my satchel.....and do a quick change when I get to where I am going....and immediately sit down....
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  6. Brilliant idea! The So Kates are way more attractive as a heel. Do you go to the restroom and change out of the shoe and walk back? I literally can't walk 10 feet in them lol
  7. congrats! So Kates can look so elegant. for me, north-south and east-west shoe stretchers are a MUST. I even mentioned this in my collection thread.