'So Kate' .. Pictures and comments.

  1. Hi, just wondering if anyone has the 'So Kate' style, and how they differ to the pigalle.

    Would also be more helpful if anyone has any pictures of their own 'so kates' shoes as im sure the shoes are different close up compared to the celebrity pictures wearing them.

    Also comments on:

    Size; runs small how many sizes? true to size? or larger?
    Comfort: how comfortable are these compared to other styles, how long do you think they can be worn till they hurt?.
    Colours; what available colours are there.
    Any other recommendation?

    Thank you so much for any comments :flowers:
  2. This would help so much! I have the same questions. Loving the grenadine glitter so kates on Saks. I'm worried that the toe is too long as I like the shorter pigalle toe.

    Thanks for posting and looking forward to reading some answers/reviews. :smile:
  3. I was wondering about the same thing. Even though the actual heel height is stated as a tad lower than the Pigalle 120mm height, the pitch actually looks steeper. So I'm interested to know too. Thank you for asking that!
  4. The heel looks skinnier on the So Kate than the Pigalle. It looks like an updated version to me.
  5. [​IMG]

    Very limited pictures, no YouTube videos. :amazed:
  6. The toe box does look too long to me. I haven't seen them in person yet. Can't wait to try a pair. I really love the curved heel.
  7. i want the GOLD so kates but the pre order is sold out on Saks and the loub store has not recieved the kates yet.... how does the wish list work?
  8. I think the CL online store may be getting the golds in. Send them an email or they can direct you to a boutique that may be getting them in.

    I'm on the Saks pre-order list for the Gold So Kates. The delivery dates are still a mystery. They're saying delivery could be as late as November.
  9. My feet hurt just looking at these shoes
  10. I should have my first pair of So Kates next week so I'll take some "real life" comparison pics and tell you how they are.

    The So Kates look very much like the Jimmy Choo Anouks but I've got to see them in person.

    Most of the delivery dates on the So Kates are later this year.
    I know the following colors will be available at some point: Gold, Nude Patent, Black Patent, Black Kid, Rouge Noir (a dark burgundy patent), Black/Red Python
  11. Finally he's created a shoe after my name! It's a sign! Thanks for the info Stilly they do look a bit like Anouks and side by side with the pigalle 120 they look sleeker but would have to see them in person. Am going to the US in late Sept I wonder if I have any chance of finding any while I'm out there or whether I'll be too early. Hoping to get to Paris before Christmas too so maybe I'd have more luck going straight to the source!
  12. I found this pic on talkshoes.com! :graucho: This was worn by Blake Lively and a much better interpretation of how it looks like on.
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  13. ^i dont like it on Blake

    thanks for the link Racine--that's my friends name :smile:
  14. The slender back of the Kate is beautiful but the longer front isn't as attractive to me than the Piggies imo