So Kate- in between sizes?

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  1. Had the chance to buy some Patent So Kate’s on sale at a really great price. I tried on a size 38, which is my normal Louboutin size, and the toes on my left foot were smushed and in pain. I tried on a size 38.5 and it fits okay on my left foot but on my right it’s too roomy in the back. I’ve never encountered this issue but it appears I’m perfectly in between sizes and I don’t know what to do.

    Additionally, I don’t have this problem with suede. In the suede so Kate I can take my normal Loub size 38.

    For Patent Is it better to size down and try to stretch the left shoe or wear some sort of shoe petal to compensate on the right shoe? Anyone else find they are in between sizes?
  2. I’ve noticed a similar thing happening with a couple of my patent pairs, as my left foot is slightly larger than my right (I think one foot being slightly larger is the case with most people). I haven’t used foot petals, but my cobbler recommended small heel pads, and those have worked well for me.
  3. Thanks for responding. So did you go a size up from your normal size? What heel pads do you use?
  4. You’re welcome! I don’t size up; by the time the patent stretches, the shoe becomes too large on my right foot. I sized up in a pair of patent Dorissimas once, and the heel slip I experienced after they stretched was just too much.

    The toe box will definitely stretch in width, if you feel like that’s where most of your problem is (like I always do on my larger foot), but the point of the toe, when I’m wearing the correct size, is never terribly comfortable several hours into wearing the shoe. I know that it’s better with suede, but the patent is so stiff, and it shrinks up when it cools and in colder weather (according to the manager at my local CL boutique). At the recommendation of my SA, I keep the paper from the toe box in my shoes when I’m not wearing them to try to help with this, and I do feel like it helps a little after they’ve stretched to my foot.

    I’ll also try to locate at least a similar pair of heel grips online for you. The ones from my cobbler are high quality and blend in so nicely with the interior of the shoe. ☺️
  5. The best solution I have found for ill-fitting pointy toes is to stuff the front with gauze like a ballet dancer does. My Pigalle 120 fits just fine and is even snug, but my foot still ends up sliding forward and the side was cutting into the area where one would have a bunion (I really don't even have bunions but that's the area that was a problem for me), making it excruciating to walk yet my heel wasn't slipping. I think it's just very narrow. Stuffing with the gauze in front gives my toes something soft to push off against and made a world of difference!
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  6. I am a US size 9 with medium width ft and purchases two sizes a 39 and a 40 and will send one pair back. The 39 fits heel to toe but is really tight at toe area. The 40 is a little loose on the heel and slightly less tight on toe. I am not sure which to keep the 39 or 40. Do i just break in the 39 and it will fit better or keep the 40 or will the slight space on my heel increase once they are broken in. Its not so lose now that it comes off or anything but afraid once broken it it may be a bigger gap and look bad. I can probably add a heel pad . Not sure what size to keep please help
  7. Even if they are patent, they will become looser with wear. You might be able to accommodate this with inserts, but if the relief you’re experiencing with the bigger size isn’t drastic, it’s probably not worth the hassle.
  8. Keep the smaller size if you can get it on your foot. It will stretch.