So Kate heel shortened!

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  1. I’m glad too! I love the cut and heel of SK so much. I bought ANOTHER pair of SK because now I have a way of wearing them so now I can justify buying them lol.
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  2. I took my pigalle follies 120 and so kate 120 (2016/2017) to a cobbler that does excellent work with louboutins. He said that unfortunately, he won’t be able to shorten the heel because of the metal pin inside the heel and because of the metal part of the heel tip that is inserted inside that metal piece. I’m curious to know how everyone else was able to do a heel adjustment because mine couldn’t be done. I’m weary of shipping my shoes to another state because of all the horror stories I have heard (I live in southern California). Could the heel adjustment be limited to a shoe size perhaps? My shoes are in a 39.5.

  3. hi can you tell me the address of the leather spa in NY you used.
  4. Hi all, I've had a pair of So Kates for over a year and was strongly considering selling them bc i just didn't feel I could wear them in public without feeling somewhat unsteady!

    Reading this thread encouraged me to take them to Leather Spa to get the heel shorterned. They said they were only able to take off 5mm, as reported by others, I picked them up today and I'm happy to report they did a very good job! The shoes look practically the same and just feel more stable and comfortable to walk in! Feels like slightly less stress on the ankles bc the pitch is less, even though it's only a small change.

    Also, it was only $28! I went to the one on 55th street between 5th and 6th Avenue. Just wanted to post this for those who were interested.
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  5. Pics :smile:
    20181204_194217.jpg 20181204_194249.jpg 20181204_194305.jpg
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  6. They look great! Thanks for sharing!
  7. Ah! Lucky you! The only place that I can actually take mine to said they wouldn’t be able to do it. Apparently the inside of the heel varies from size to size and because mine are as size 39.5, they wouldn’t be able to shorten the heel at all. Super bummed because I have a pair of leopardino patent so Kate’s 120 and the pigalle follies nude/black degrade 120. I don’t want to sell them but I can no longer wear them either because they’re just too high for me. Glad you were able to get yours done though!
  8. Sorry, I forgot to mention, my So Kates above are size 39.5, and I have a pair of Youpi peep toes that have the same heel in size 40 I plan to take in. My assumption is that all the shoes are made the same, just scaled up, but that's just my guess.

    Maybe you can send one pair as a trial? I understand why you would be nervous though.