So Kate heel shortened!

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  1. So I’ve sent my So Kate’s off to the Leather spa in NY for vibrams and to get the heel shortened. My understanding is they can only shorten it by 5mm. I’ve seen some YouTube videos of other girls doing this and they both state it makes the world of difference with comfort and being able to walk in them without compromising the look of the shoe. I’m excited to see how they turn out!! Has anyone else done this?
  2. I havent done it but I have thought about it, with the exception of the vibram. I heard it makes a world of a difference when shortening the heel a tiny bit. Please post pics when you get them back, if you dont mind. Thanks!!
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  3. I definitely will follow up and post pics when I get them back!
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  4. how much did they quote you for both services?
  5. They just gave me a generic quote that didn’t include the vibram so it’s not accurate. I’ll let you know once they bill me.
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  6. I did this with one pair of Louboutin and a pair of Marc Jacobs runway shoes. Both had to be discarded as the I felt the balance was destroyed. I felt like I was falling back everytime I wore them. I hope yours come out better.
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  7. Yeah, I purchased a pair of Manolo’s off of eBay a few years back, and I think the previous owner did this.....the shoe always felt off balanced, with the heel not meeting the ground straight, it at an angle......felt like I was going to snap heel with every were very odd to walk in......having said hat, heel never snapped, but just made wearing the shoes less desirable because off balance....the problem is 5at if you decide you don’t like the feel of the shoe, the only way to fix is to change the heel which is extremely expensive.....maybe best to just buy a 100mm pump to begin with.....I.e. decolette 554, or Pigalle 100
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    They can't come out better!!
    Anytime you shorten a heel you destroy the shoe. This is simple geometry: the angle of the shoe does not change so the only thing you are achieving is a shoe with an offset center of gravity, without proper heel support and with a smaller impact surface on the front. The best is to illustrate this through a diagram showing a small heel shortening and a moderate shortening next to a normal heel:
    This is how your shoe will touch the ground when it is shortened. Granted, you will not shorten it as much as the image on the right, but any shortening will result in an offset. Further, look at the dotted red line to see what your body weight is leaning on...
    Now if geometry is not your thing, that's ok, but what about the looks?
    I personally think that it is plain ugly... When a shoe is designed, the angle of the arch is part of the design, so if the shoe is too high, better get a different one.
  9. Hi there! I actually just had this done a couple of weeks makes a little bit of different but not a ton. They are still very uncomfortable but I find when I put inserts by the ball of my foot, it helps. I take the pain because of the beauty of the shoe. HTH :smile:
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  10. And I do not feel off balance or like the angle is weird when wearing them.... but that is just my opinion...
  11. Yea I’m hoping they turn out ok but we’ll just have to see when I get them, which is Fri. I actually trust the Leather Spa and they told me they can’t go any higher than 5mm to protect the balance of the shoe. I’ll let you guys know when I get them and give an honest opinion.
  12. Any update? I would love to them...something I may consider
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  13. Ya I did do them and it made such a difference! So much so, I bought another pair of So Kate’s and are having them shortened as well. Here is a profile pic of them so you can see how they look. They feel no different either, just that I can walk in them better!

  14. Oh yeah...I think I saw these in another thread or something...they look amazing and I can't even tell a difference
  15. I’m glad the heel shortening worked out for you! I’m thinking about getting a pair of So Kates soon and am glad to know that heel shortening is an option if necessary.