So Jill, did you get that bag...

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  1. Did you get the bag that you posted about earlier, the lovely big brown, expensive one? And can you give those of us who aren't near any real Prada selection a feel for how the new bags and accessories are looking in real life? Your feelings on the new collections and any sharing of your shopping experiences would be MUCH appreciated!
  2. Ooh yes - please let us know whether you got it - it was sooooo HOT!
  3. MY SA is off till today..I left her a message to send it..BUT I am having second thoughts on that PRICE..LOL..will let you know.....A tad scary at the price.....eek..
  4. So I guess you decided to go with the other bag instead? Both are great, in my opinion -- but I do kind of like the one that you went for a bit more...

    Maybe you should still get this one, as well, though...

    What do the bags all look like, out on display? As good as the pics?
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