So I've turned into Kou.....

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  1. LOL - and I love Kou, so it's not a bad thing!

    Actually, I wanted to ask those of you who have received SO's - when you went to pick the bag up, was it in the shrinkwrap?

    Just curious, because I had a mental picture of my Birkin arriving and the SA's having a good old look at it! I was in my (old) store once, and a lady was looking at an orange Birkin, and I overheard the SA telling her it was an order for someone else. Whether this order was rejected and was now available or what I'm not sure, but I wouldn't want someone looking at MY ordered bag prior to me picking it up!

    So, what's your experience?
  2. LOL GF! They called me and when I asked my SA if it looked okay, she said, "Oh, I hadn't opened it," at which point she proceeded to open it with my permission while I was on the phone. When she confirmed that it was indeed gorgeous, she sent it to me--so I'm not sure if it was originally shrink-wrapped or not...from the sound of her voice, it may have been.
  3. My SO came and I was present for the tearing of the plastic.

    BUT when I bought the fake Birkin on ebay a few years back and took it to Hermes (in Canada) to have it authenticated, the SA there tore the plastic off a new Hermes that was an SO in order to show me where the fake differed from the true Birkin. Although I understand people wanting to have the bag fresh, I have to say that I really appreciated her doing this for me.
  4. All the bags that I have purchased was still in their plastic wrappings and I was there when they opened it.
    There is something special about being the first one to touch it other than the craftsman.
  5. Just to be safe, I'd mention to your SA that you would like to be present for the big unveiling. :smile:
  6. Oh, the shrinkwrap thing doesn't bother me (sorry Kou!) - just the thought of some other hermes-lovin' lady feasting here eyes on it before i do!!!! LOL - silly, I know, but I'm just excited that it's nearly 2007, the year it's expected to arrive!! (albeit LATE 2007!!!).
  7. ^Doesn't particularly matter to me one way or another, but it was kind of exciting to see the SA bust into the shrink wrap (for the cognac ostrich Birkin) and realise that no one except the craftsman and maybe a bag inspector had seen or touched the bag before.

    My other two bags weren't shrinkwrapped, and it wasn't a problem. Anyway they weren't SOs, just general merchandise. I think as long as I hadn't actually seen some other person manhandling "my" bag, it doesn't bother me.
  8. Sometimes, the plastic wrapping gets torn when the SAs are transfering them boxes from warehouse to the store. So the SAs remove the torn plastic but without actually opening or touching the bags....

    I am definitely not bothered abt the wrapping... coz the bags are meant to be touched anyway,
  9. I think getting a brkin is hard enough. At least for me since I am not a VIP. I would take it with or without the plastic wrap.
  10. I had 3 shrink-wrapped boxes opened in front of me today, and after all of our discussions about it of late, I felt so badly as they were unveiled. But, in terms of my SO last year, it was also shrinkwrapped, when I got it.
  11. Oh, listen, it's not that I wouldn't take it, and it really doesn't bother me if it IS opened and looked at, but I didn't like the idea of that customer being allowed to "try on" another clients order - KWIM?
  12. I don't think that they would let anyone touch your Special will have your name on it - mine did.
  13. LOL - I just spoke to the manager - he chuckled at me and said "don't worry, no-one will play with your bag when it arrives, everyone asks that" - LOL.........thank god it's not only me (and Kou)!!!
  14. I'm not too bothered as long as I bought it from the store :P
  15. Hehehe!!! There's just something very appealing about being "THE ONE" to open the plastic. :yes: