So, I've reserved my Fall 07 (Men's) runway bag...

  1. Haven't posted in a while here, so I thought I'd start a topic. I wasn't even thinking of going by LV today. I actually had some business to take care of in the morning...on a Saturday...I felt so important haha. Anyway things are looking really good for the next 6 months+ businesswise I guess it just put me in a really good mood. I was running errands after that and I just popped in LV. My regular SA showed me the Fall limited edition catalogue, and I recalled seeing some of these bags (from the runway show). I reserved the Mono+dyed leather long vertical looking bag (not the soft attache). :graucho::graucho::graucho: Looks like this is the one:

    I asked about the crocodile bag (jokingly...although I do like croc):

    My SA said, "Hmm I think there is a deposit required." Well it's $34k, I assumed it'd be under 20 lol.

    Anyway it's too bad they're not producing those big, big leather shoulder duffel bags, I really liked those:
  2. Congrats!
  3. Thanks, I'll wait til it's actually in my hands though :biggrin:! I might change it for one of the Bequia ones, I dont really like how thick and structured the Bequia leather is though so I'm up in the air about it. We'll see...

    In other news, the Chevy Chase/DC LV has A LOT of the summer 07 limited edition bags (I thought these were mostly sold out). Does anybody know, are they just shipping them from store to store to see who will buy them?

    From memory they had: 2 Olympus lambskin hobo-shaped bag (name escapes me), 2 small woven-leather tote bags (one in each color), the blue pokla-dot bowling bag (i might have to go back and take a look-see at it haha), a big beige polka dot duffel bag, a few LVOE totes, etc. Sorry I can't remember the names right now.

    I also wanted to know if any of the other guys on this forum (I know we are few) are getting/looking at fall bags possibly???
  4. Congrats!! Post pics when you get it!!!!
  5. Congratulations.
  6. Congrats!!!
  7. congrats.
  8. Oh my god! I just LoooooooooooooVe the croc. bag!
    So, so, so wonderfull! Have to make sure I'm getting one of those.

    When is the release of the beauties ?
  9. Hi ,, I am ordering 5 bags from the collection ,, 2 of them already arrived and i'm waiting for the other 3! the crocodile is STUNNING!!! i swear i was gonna cry when i saw it!! the leather was sooooooooo soft!!!!!!!! they had it in the store for 1 hour as it was on its way to paris (this was back in july)
  10. I Don't get that. How can you own a bag which has not been published yet ? I mean, the bags aren't even at the website yet or on eluxury ? Do you have to be a VIP, to see the catalogue for upcoming/ next seasons bags ?

    When will the bags/ croc. bag be possible to get.
    From this very moment I will save every single penny.
  11. Well my SA told me mid-September...I think... I don't see how anyone would have these bags yet unless they're an LV insider, celeb in the photo shoots (Mikhail Gorbachev!!!!!)...although I do wonder what they actually do with the items from the runway shows.

    But yeah, I'm NOT getting an LV croc bag, that's why I said jokingly. It's $34,000... And usually crocodile leather is not "soft" as you would think of cow/calf leather,
    unless it's the side of the hide or the webbed bit around the feet. I only know that from experience because I have a few scraps of hides and have examined some whole hides before. But if someone made "distressed" croc hides that would be interesting, bit of an expensive raw material to do experiments on though lol.
  12. It's available now for reserve. You have to go in and place a deposit (I'm assuming something like $5k) for it. And you'd better do it soon. RUNWAY bags like that LV/Gucci/Hermes/whomever don't produce many of. The Gucci summer 07? "hobo men's bag" was made in ostrich, only 8 were made for the worldwide market...
  13. I KNOW!!! I too noticed that the CC store had loads of the tote and the braided leather. Neiman's in Tysons also have them. I was debating about the Braided Leather in exchange for my "creased" Miroir Lockit but I decided to keep the Miroir since it's so limited and all the SA's (from both stores) that I talked to advised me to do so. In fact, I used my Miroir today. The weather was just too LVoely!!! Congratz!!!!
  14. Lol, exchange that bag and I guarantee the Miroir Lockit would be gone in 1 day...its new home would be mine! :nuts: haha. No I'm joking again, this website is makes me want to raid my bank account.
  15. Yes we are few.....No bags coming up for me, but shoes is a different story.........:graucho: