So I've made up my mind...

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  1. #1 May 1, 2016
    Last edited: May 1, 2016
    So I have made up my mind and here comes my early Mother's Day gift...the two-tone caviar mini vanity case from 16SS collection : )

    I tried on both the deep purple 224 and the black old medium caviar boy in store. Although the 224 looks really cute but it looks too similar to my classic minis. And I agree that i should go with classic colours for the 224, not deep purple.

    As for the new caviar boy, I was really not impressed by the leather.

    Thanks everyone for helping me to make a choice!

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  2. #2 May 1, 2016
    Last edited: May 1, 2016
    Side by side with my square mini : )

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  3. It's really cute; great that you made a well thought out decision that you won't regret.
  4. I LOVE your new bag!!! If I hadn't just bought a Mini I would have considered this one too!!!! Congrats & Enjoy :smile:
  5. So pretty! How do you find the space inside the mini?
  6. Thanks
  7. Congratulations!! So happy for you, although it looks great with casual outfits, I find it really cute and elegant and goes well with dressed up outfit like when you go out for dinner with a nice dress for example, if you carry it by hand using the handle. I hope you enjoy and use it lots!!
  8. Thank you
  9. Do you mean the mini Vanity? Yes, it can hold my coin/card holder, key and my iPhone SE, these are pretty much everything that I carry when heading out.
  10. Hi Vanana, thanks for the advice you gave me in my previous thread. Yes, I really love the uniqueness of this vanity and how it can be cute and elegant at the same time : ) I plan to use it a lot in Summer and hope you enjoy yours too!
  11. Sorry, I did mean the mini vanity case! I was too enamoured by the beauty of it I couldn't even think clearly! :P :lol:

    It seems like they can hold a respectable amount of things. Beautiful!
  12. Adorable! Congrats!
  13. You're welcome! can't say it's advice, more like enablement from one addict to another on this forum. :P SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!
  14. My hubby's first reaction to this vanity was " wow, that indeed is a fancy-looking lunch bag!":lol::lol::lol:
  15. It's so cute !
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