So I've heard the theory that the diamond looks bigger on smaller fingers, but i'm cu

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  1. curious to see if it really does make a difference. could we post modeling pix of your e-ring and also include size of the center stone and your finger size? hope this is not a repeat thread.

    So, attached are pix of my e-ring, the center stone is 1.5 ct. and my finger size is 2.5

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  2. My ring has a 2 ct princess cut center diamond flanked by 1 ct trapezoid diamonds on each side and surrounded by pave diamonds all over and down the band. I have long thin fingers....but my ring finger is around a 5 1/2 ish. My ring was custom made as a size 6, but wound up being too big so I am not sure exactly what it is...I DEFINITELY think that the smaller your fingers are, the larger your diamond will look. A 1 ct. solitaire looks positively tiny on me for some reason, yet if I try on a 3 ct. solitaire it just looks better (maybe I am just size happy heheheheh).

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  3. Takeout- I am not doubting you, but 2.5?! US size?? I have never seen that...

    Wish I had a picture to add, girlsigh, but maybe soon!
  4. OK...I think I screwed up, my finger is around a 4ish, not a 6 like I originally wrote...I swear, between jean sizes, shoes sizes, ring sizes...It's amazing I remember any of them!! ;)
  5. 2.5? I've never heard of a ring size that small for adults, ur ring is very pretty btw.
  6. takeoutbox, your ring size is...2.5? yeah tokibear, i've never heard that before either.
    but that bling looks huge on your finger regardless probably. it's gorgeous
  7. yeah, it's 2.5, none of the jewellers could believe it either. i have super skinny fingers.
  8. ^^ Wow, I thought my fingers were tiny at 4.5!!
  9. I don't have a picture right now, but my ring size is a 3 1/4....none of the jewelers believed it....kept telling me I must be wrong.....NOPE, it's a 3 1/4! LOL I'll try to get a pic up's a 3ct solitaire with a 1.5ct band from Scott Kay. Still looking for the perfect settig, haven't found it yet! ;P
  10. wow i wish my fingers were small so my diamond rings can look bigger :graucho: gorgeous rings by the way :biggrin:
  11. I wear a 4.5 ring although my e-ring is currently sized at 4.75 (stupid big knuckles!). I think my ring looks large because it's a halo setting. The center stone is a 1.19 carats. A picture is attached - I don't have pretty hands.

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  12. I thought I had tiny fingers... don't think so anymore!! Ha
  13. I've made engagement rings for a woman with a size 2 and another with a size 1.75, I couldn't believe it. Tiny, tiny fingers.
  14. I don't have photos of a ring, but I thought it may be interesting to add that the cut of the stone can hugely effect how large it looks. For example, many square cuts stones are bottom heavy, meaning that they are deep and therefore a lot of the carat weight does not show in width across the finger. With round cut stones, if they are cut really deep, or too shallow, they will look larger or smaller on the finer (because of a smaller or wider table). All that aside, with well proportioned stones I think it is true that a 1ct, for example, is going to look much larger on small sized finger than on a larger one. I wear a size 6.5 and a 1ct ring looked significantly smaller than on mygirlfriend who wears a size 5.